Hart, Derrick / Shock You Experience At The Sudden Recollection Of The Moment You Were Conceived

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You're Winning So I Quit
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Album Review
DJ Andi Pants
Reviewed 2011-12-19
Slow, melancholy indie pop. The vocalist sounds a bit like Doug Martsch of Built to Spill at times. Derrick Hart describes his music as “experimental folk music from outer space.” The tracks blend into each other and the last five seconds of each track are like the first five seconds of the next track. The interludes are noisy, electronic flourishes that sound like radio noise sometimes. No FCC violations.

1. Jangly prominent hook, violins, moody pop. 4:08
2. Slow, emo vocal ballad w/ horns, big vocal range. 6:10
3. Islandy, beach boys feel good pop. 3:06
4. Lots of harmonies, upbeat shuffly drums, no lyrics, strange noisy second half. 3:07
5. Repetitive guitar riff, very major key, pleasant, slow. 5:30
6. Distorted, droney guitar sound in background, megaphone vocal effect, slow. 3:34
7. Xylophone effect on keyboard, slow, deep bass, FCCs already edited. 4:13
8. Waltzy minor key, chorus not that waltzy, reminds me of the band Pistolina. 4:20
9. Lots of processed snare sound, really dense and thick with instrumentation. 4:05
10. Song sounds like hillbilly country bumpkin. 2:00
11. Song reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie, open electric guitar chords. 4:30
12. Very slow acoustic guitar, trumpet, sad. 2:55
13. So pretty, acoustic guitars and keys. 3:15 14. Noisy interlude. 0:54
15. Dramatic violin with distorted, angry vocals. 2:42 16. Pretty song, soft vocals, clean guitar, false ending 3:30 in. 4:29 17. Hi-fi melodic instrumental with manipulated samples, handclaps, banjo, and violin. 3:18 18. 30 second vocal snippet.
19. Slow song with trumpet and drawn-out vocals. 3.11
20. Folk waltz with slide guitar and harmonies over affecting, minor-key chorus. 4:49

Track Listing
1. You're Winning So I Quit   11. Sunchild
2. Coldness   12. Spanish Cathedral
3. Goodbye Babylon   13. Cities Of Sinfulness
4. A Song From A Cross (The Sea)   14. Exxxodus
5. 0073735963   15. What's Wrong
6. God Is Love Is God Sends Fire   16. Warning: Water Levels Are Rising
7. I Will Destroy You All   17. Formal Shoes On A Marble Floor; Walking Slowly Toward Some Sort Of Doom
8. Welcome   18. A Little Hymn
9. Everyone Feels Lonesome Sometimes   19. Free Indeed
10. The Great Plains   20. What A Beautiful World