Combo Outrageous / Noxire
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Artist:Combo Outrageous   Added:Jun 2011
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Make It
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Album Review
Reviewed 2014-04-05
Combo Outrageous / Noxire / Records. Combo Outrageous is a Croatian hard rock band (lyrics in English). Most tracks feature heavy electric guitar riffs, bass, and drums. Unlike some other hard rock bands, it is really easy to hear exactly what Vovk is saying. A few tracks have solos, but on the whole the music is minimalist/simple in lyrics and in musicianship. Lyrics are about ideas like being lied to, submission/serve your master, crisis, emotional turmoil, etc. Similar to many 90’s and early 2000’s hard rock, alt. rock, and nu metal bands. Clear influences from 80’s thrash metal and old school metal like Sabbath. I’m reminded of the music in Red Alert… (what you might hear when Tanya rampages). Similar bands: Staind, System of a Down, Tool, Korn, Godsmack, Pantera. Matthew.

NO FCC VIOLATIONS. Notable songs: 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

1.(2:56) *Energetic. Okay.
2.(2:40) Slower and heavier but picks up shortly at the end.
3.(3:01) Heavy rock.
4.(3:29) “You know, what you ought to know, and nothing more… you need to know”
5.(3:53) Okay. Long chorus and lots of guitar.
6.(3:07) *Okay track
7.(3:17) *Okay track. Heavy bass. Guitar solo.
8.(4:54) *Okay track. Medium speed.
9.(4:16) ** Serve your master.
10. (3:55) *Medium pace. “I’ve got my own solution, I write my constitution.”
11.(3:12) *Okay track. Intro pulls from other metal. Fast and hard. “We will never surrender.”
12.(3:21) Heavy guitar. Sound effects. Upbeat.
13.(4:45) Rock.
14.(4:01) Song about lies.
15.(2:49) Same deal, heavy guitar riff, then rock out.
16.(4:34) Synthy metal. "I can't try anymore."
17.(3:29) Eerie beginning. Heavy guitar and rock.
18.(3:18) Starts slow, picks up. "back to attack, back to attack, back to attack, to attack"
19.(2:35) Simple two word or three word lines. Then rock out.
20.(4:19) Okay. “Pain pain pain, this is my name.”

Track Listing
1. Better Day   11. Adrenaline Rush
2. Make It   12. Madness
3. View   13. You Know
4. Aspect   14. Outlaw
5. More On   15. Magic Circles
6. Flash   16. I Can't Try Anymore
7. Hint   17. Soul Of The Time
8. Strange World   18. Back To Attack
9. Live Stage   19. Choose
10. Way Out   20. I Like It