Blue Sky Black Death / Noir
Album: Noir   Collection:General
Artist:Blue Sky Black Death   Added:May 2011
Label:Fake Four Inc.  

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Album Review
metal dude
Reviewed 2011-07-26
Blue sky black death Noir review & thoughts by metal dude 07/19/11
sound quality very good some dead air between tracks nice clean vocals spacey cosmic music
electonica ,techno,rock good stuff well done
Track #1 Our hearts of ruin/ Happy tranquil calm caribbean voices marching on a celestial void of music
& serinty, calming silence Track #2 Sleeping children are still flying/Flowing wind swept sound traveling
on electric voices country space cowboys slide guitar wide open spaces robot horses galloping on starlite
calm chanting on the foothills of Mars Track #3 And stars ringed/ far away voices space flight white noise
cruising the Millennium Falcon through black holes & the fringes of outer space Track #4 To the end of the
earth/ breaking through the atmosphere flying through voices of stardust cosmic ballistic sounds navagating
horizons of space & time Track #5 Farewell to the former world/ final frontier traveling past thunder clouds &
hurricanes beyond oxygen mystic voices open skies to starlite & space travel keyboards synthetic acoustic
guitars Track #6 Falling short/ Quiet keyboards voices lyrycs sounds of serinity & calmness very short track
Track #7 Gold in goldout/ keyboards bass line flowing voices bells chimes slow moving rock beat splash of
lyrics two suns setting on a distant planet relaxing sleepy tune Track #8 Where do we go/ Voices calming
electric sound relaxing rhythm drum beats soft quiet tunes drifting on solar winds finding your way through
stardust & cosmic lightTrack #9 In the quiet absence of god/ Epic chanting voicestime traveling riding comets
past heavens gate synthetic piano violins string instuments played by falling angels fading intolakes of fire
Track #10 Where the sun beats/ Calm soothing beats walking on alien beaches oceans of methane showers of
acid rain skies of green planets setting as wid swept moon dust whispers through synthetic sound as voices
carry quiet calming keyboards bringing storms of tranquility Track #11 Starry/opens with keyboards synthetic
strings sereen electric drumbeats majestic voices children playing laughing fade into calming jamaican island
music cascading electic guitars whispers of white noise fading strings robots sleeping dreaming fading Track #12
Fire from light/ landing on other worlds falling through atmosphere riding solar winds bright synthesiser
melodic white noise orbiting astaroids flying on the rings of saturn suddenly BRITTANY SPEARS IN SPACE!!!!! end
Track #13 Swords from drifting wood / Island sounds horns voices isolated beach serinty relaxed calming keyboards
drifting sands slow melodic flow quiet & sereen fades Track #14 Sky with hand/ Drifting through Heaven flowing
between clouds quiet serinity euphoria seagulls coastal winds ocean surf gentle waves flying obove coastal
lagoons sailing calm ocean drifting island rainbows bright voices chanting acomplishment feeling good quiet
fading slowing down the end

Track Listing
1. Our Hearts Of Ruin   8. Where Do We Go
2. Sleeping Chlldren Are Still Flying   9. In The Quiet Absence Of God
3. And Stars, Ringed   10. Where The Sun Beats
4. To The Ends Of The Earth   11. Starry
5. Farewell To The Former World   12. Fire For Light
6. Falling Short   13. Swords From Driftwood
7. Gold In Gold Out   14. Sky With Hand