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Album Review
Ruben Kogel
Reviewed 2011-11-27
World / Klezmer - 2-disc compilation of klezmer music. First disc presents very different takes on contemporary klezmer. "Klezmer" is understood in the broad sense - including songs from the Yiddish cabaret, Russian, Gypsy and Balkan songs. Second disc is a collection of tracks by Berlin-based Sukke, playing a more straight-forward version of klezmer than most things heard on disc 1. Their instrumental tracks are better than their vocal tracks. Overall, some great material (check out Daniel Kahn and Franck London) alternates with some less interesting tracks. Read individual song descriptions for more detailed reviews.
Ruben's picks: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19.

1. Yiddish song. vocals + clarinet + accordion + cymbalum.
2*. Yiddish song by yiddish great Chava Alberstein. mid-tempo. full orchestration.
3**. bouncing. fresh. traditional orchestration with a modern twist. Daniel Kahn's signature song.
4*. Balkan song. mid-tempo. vocals (not yiddish. serbo-croatian?) + accordion + brass band.
5. Klezmer-Turkish song played by a brass + wind ensemble.
6**. vocals + brass band + accordion + clarinet. relentless. bouncing but not fast. another Frank London's classic. highly recommended.
7. Medley of "joyous" nigguns (wordless melodies) from Chabad chassidim. "old school" sound.
8*. klezmer version of Leonard Cohen's famous song. second part's in yiddish. "till the end of love" is rendered by "bis moshiach kumz" (= until the messiah comes??). suddenly more tragic.
9*. classic yiddish hope anthem. pathetic and beautiful.
10*. interesting mix of klezmer melodic and rhythmic elements with ladino/arabic orchestration.
11. Russian song. Big Band song.
12*. Gypsy song. starts at mid-tempo. then whirlwinds to overdrive at 1:55. instrumental.
13. classic american sounding klezmer. instrumental. fast tempo.
14*. klezmer / hip-hop mix by klezmer enfant terrible DJ SoCalled. Clarinet trills courtesy of David Krakauer (formerly from the NY philharmonic). quirky.
15. classic klezmer fiddling by Chicago-based David Greenman. accordion + cymbalum accompaniment.
16*. classic, solid klezmer tune. instrumental.
17. Yiddish song. accordion accompaniment.
18. a short niggun (or "nign": wordless melody) in freygish mode. clarinet + accordion + bass
19*. "in France". slow intro. then more animated. vocals + clarinet + accordion + bass
20. long clarinet doyna (free-form, arhythmic cadenza)
21. slow hora (2/2 rhythm, dance of romanian origin)
22. instrumental. bass plays the melody doubled by clarinet. not the strongest track.
23. classic example of traditional klezmer melody and playing. no frills. instrumental.
24. accordion solo. medley of chassidic nigguns (wordless melodies).
25. clarinet + accordion. chassidic niggun for the end of shabbat.
26. bass plays a free-form melody. accordion plays simple chords in accompaniment.
27. mid-tempo "rejoicing" tune. instrumental. another classic illustration of trad. klezmer.
28. mid-tempo hora (2/2 rhythm, dance). clarinet + accordion.
29. yiddish version of a known song (cannot recall which one though..). vocals + guitars. not the strongest track.
30. "A woman like a carrot"? (my yiddish is a bit weak). not the strongest track.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Chava Alberstein Good Memory
2. Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars Who Knows One?
3. Daniel Kahn Yosl Ber/A Patriot
4. Roger Davidson & Frank London Freedom Dance
5. Psoy Korolenko & Opa Strogaya Epitalama (Strong Epithalamium)
6. Amsterdam Klezmer Band Takaj Zhizn
7. Steven Greenman Nign October 19th, 2008
8. Brave Old World Ver Klapt Du Azoy?/Geto Varyant
9. Joel Rubin Ensemble, The Simkhe Nigunim
10. Socalled Baleboste
11. Flying Bulgars The Spider Comes
12. Klezmer Sefardi Dem Rebns Tants
13. Klezmania Dance Me Till The End Of Love
14. Other Europeans, The Goldene Khasene/Hora De La Cahul
15. Klezmatics, The Shnirele, Perele [Live]
16. Y-Suke Beygele
17. Y-Suke Santa Klog
18. Y-Suke Shtibl Nign
19. Y-Suke In Frankraykh
20. Y-Suke Mikhl Fait S'assoir La MarieƩ
21. Y-Suke Boibriker Suite
22. Y-Suke Der Khusid In Pariz
23. Y-Suke Yikhes
24. Y-Suke Khsidishe Nigunim, 2ter Teyl
25. Y-Suke Nokh Der Havdoleh
26. Y-Suke Reyzl's Lid
27. Y-Suke Freylekh2
28. Y-Suke Dobranoc
29. Y-Suke Tsurik Aheym
30. Y-Suke A Meydl Like A Tsimmes