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Album: Zeitgeist Here And Now   Collection:Classical
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2011
Label:Innova Recordings  

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Album Review
Paul Cook
Reviewed 2012-03-22
Zeitgeist / Here and Now

2 disc compilation. A xylophone extravaganza, ranging from light jazz to what seemed like an attempt at Halloween music; it’s a curious musical mix that seems to make sense.

The first half of the 1st disk has more lively beats with more adventurous and exploratory in the second half and a very much progressive sound in the second CD. Disc 2 is definitely an adventurous interpretation of music surrounds a few traditional and fun pieces

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Try Disc 1: 2, 4, 7

Disc2: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10

1 nice opening xylophone, light jazz melody,

2* soft piano and xylophone, playful, traditional classic spin*

3 slowly playful with dramatic overtones, piano and xylophone play zone

4 * upbeat, playful traditional with jazz overtones, ends 5sec early?

5 slow sad flute opening, sad timbre and feel, building tension with whistle climax, slowly progressive death

6 quite open, piano and flute slow dance, non-progressive melody, end 5sec early

7* playful, light timbre xylophone overlays flute, drum climax, soft raindrops of storytelling*

8 soulful sax and xylophone, lovemaking music from the movies,

9 scratchy crate paper and light-power drums open, light-jazz feel, with oddly intertwined Halloween sounds,

10 light flute and bells, medium-souled bassoon, fun chase music builds to anti-climax, sad bassoon finish

11 slow bassoon and xylophone intertwine for curious sound recipe, intriguing

12 attempt at movie soundtrack, with drums, sax, and xylophone, fun development

13 almost unnaturally slow flute and piano, like slow footsteps in a meadow

14 drums and power piano intro, long bell interlude, bass leads

Disc 2:

1 Lightly Halloween-toned music, dark and sporadic tones

2 vocal intro, dark piano with space sounds, slowly ending

3 adventurous sounds and creative noises, long buzzes, bass overlays odd musical toned background sounds

4* bullish space intro, underwater feel and bassoon finish, fun mix*

5* chaotic mix, almost cartoonish, vocal noise making sounds of curiosity, wow*

6* fun meadow walk with xylophone and flute leaders, traditional classic sound*

7* like riding down a xylophone railroad with fun musical friends joining in*

8 a slow ride down softly flowing river with twinkling xylophone accompaniment, slow and early finish

9 light and fluffy, bells and xylophone, pleasant track for watering plants on Sundays*

10* xylophone fun, upbeat tinkling, fun and playful*

11 curious mix of bells, vocal noises, fun beats surrounded by experimental noises?

12 Very slow, soft bells and piano, non-progressive, but tranquil

13 slow and soft whistle and bells, like walking through a forest at night

14 gas flowing out of a nozzle, while running down stairs, creative

15 mild jazz trying to tell a story, xylophone returns with friends for a fun, playful race, ending 5 sec early

16 vocals, chaos lead by piano and drums, people talking overlaid by various noises, space-aged sounding

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Milikan, Ann Kuiper Belt Wamfle
2. Geers, Douglas Tight Tie Size Try
3. Fried, Phil Itty Bitty Symphony
4. Gable, Chris Beat That Clock
5. Jackanich, Kathy But Do The Cranes Know
6. Rubin, Justin Henry Il Momento Lussureggiante Per Tre Musicisti
7. Hong, Gao Celebration Of 150/30 Year
8. Hensold, Dick Zeitgeist Anniversary Tune
9. Heitzeg, Steve American Indian Movement (No Reservations)
10. Grania, Chris Z-Bekiko
11. Thomas, Carei Three Sides Of The Issue: Cartoon Xvia
12. Means, David Thirty For Four
13. Ewart, Douglas Spells
14. Fratzke, Erik Ruggles On Main
15. Miller, Scott And Thirty More Ii
16. Eden, Mark Some Kind Of Virus
17. Heller, Brian Playing Back/Listening Forward
18. Smith, Matthew They're In There Somewhere
19. Blackburn, Philip Stück
20. Thomas, David Evan Quiptych
21. Barnett, Carol Schumann's Excellent Extension
22. Davids, Brent Michael Something Pearl
23. Davidson, Randall Came To Believe That A Powere Greater Than Ourselvs Could Restore Us To Sanity
24. Larsen, Libby Ricochet
25. Vandervelde, Janika Getting Your Z's (Or Not)
26. Jensen, Marc Snowfall
27. Childs, Mary Ellen Faint Object Camera
28. Brooks, Jeffrey Still Life With Compressed Air
29. Wolff, David Mutagenesis
30. Olson, Mike Ineffable