Michajlov, Angelo / Saxana - The Girl On The Broomstick
Album: Saxana - The Girl On The Broomstick   Collection:General
Artist:Michajlov, Angelo   Added:Apr 2011

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2011-04-09
Soundtrack/music scores to Czech film starring Saxana. If I read the rambling liner notes correctly she was a young actress who came out of the late 60’s and was a cultural hero, having been arrested in the Velvet Revolution and sentenced to 300 years detention. This is all very cinematic, very appropriate for film, tracks following themes, almost all with a trippy echoey thematic embellishment. It sounds very trippy and smacks of psychedelic and the 60’s. Very short tracks with brass, pianos, orchestral. All instrumental unless otherwise noted. All brief tracks (< 2 min mostly). A lot of this can easily be strung together as they likely belong. This is pretty archival, the stuff you’d only find at KZSU.

1) 60’s-70’s cinematic/tv feel, brass and piano swap melodies, hooks
2) 9 secs, strange voice and sound (play 3-5 together)
3) darker cool 60’s thing
4) even darker, almost scary, like a scene from a scary movie, super cool
5) jazzy and a tad funky with supercool sax and trippy sounds galore
6) another brief vocal thing, are these introductions to the following tracks?
7) cool twangy guitar and soaring moogs, wtf?!?!
8) upbeat with oboe, sounds like the stuff Tipsy and Amon Tobin sample
9) brief, strange
10) brief, trippy again
11) spy jazz high hat beat with flute and trippy electronics, brief
12) funky cool 60’s blues progression, tripped out
13) chill, flute with bass, minimal percussion
14) simple if brief
15) another 6 second sample
16) “Saxana” pop song (theme song?), Czech 60’s pop with female vocals, you can almost see Austin Powers being run over by a Russian tank
17) another in the theme, 56 second interlude
18) the “Saxana” melody taken slow and spooky, brief
19) the theme again, reworked a bit funkier
20) very brief
21) piano, with echoey effect, sax, trippy
22) sitar, Indian psychedlic stylings
23) spooky again
24) another ultra short sample
25) slow swingy with smarmy sax, comes across very 60’s “groovy man”
26) the theme song “Saxana” again, good version, funky and groovy
27) another version of the previous and 16

Track Listing
1. Divka Na Kosteti   14. An Open Window
2. "Dexem Po Multo Shumpoplex"    15. "Dexem Po Krumplex" 
3. Telescopicas Humerus    16. Saxana (Sung By Petra Cernocká)
4. Petramorphosis   17. A Rabbit In Cage 6
5. Algebraic Airbrush   18. A Visit From The Heavies
6. "Suxo Plexo Muxo"   19. The 300 Year Itch
7. A Pretty Kettle Of Fish   20. Hex F.X. 
8. A Chicken In Form 9   21. A Good Honest Looney House
9. Vladimír's Secret Service   22. Hide And Sheikh
10. Rats And Rodents   23. Haxipola's Trip
11. The Wisdom Teeth?   24. "Rudexa Ux Velorex"
12. Ridiculous Cuniculus   25. Expedit - A Dragon With Two Heads
13. Twenty Past Two   26. The Magic In A Single Rose (Sung By Petra Cernocká)
  27. Saxana (Original Czech 45 Single Version)