Timber Timbre / Creep On Creepin' On
Album: Creep On Creepin' On   Collection:General
Artist:Timber Timbre   Added:Apr 2011
Label:Arts & Crafts  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2012-03-10
(Pronounced "Timber Tamber," by the way.)

Dark neo-'50s-high-school dance band, done by cool, mopey ghosts drunk on Nyquil. Spooky, doo-woppy, teen-ballad-y, loungey, really quite fantastic.

RIYL: Chris Isaak? (it's better), David Lynch (it's correctly spooky), Danny & The Juniors (played at half-speed)

1. (3:07) Slow, plunking piano, groaning back-up vox. Spooky, lethargic lounge singer.
2. (1:53) Suspenseful strings, horror movie creaking and effects. Mood buffer, not a proper song.
3. (3:59) ** [MARGINAL FCC: "Dickless," "Cock-blocked"] Beautiful '50s strings. Doo-woppy Penguinish singer, imagine the gymnasium dance in "Back to the Future", but all smeared out and indie-fied. Beautifully inept sax solo.
4. (5:59) *** Even croonier. Lugubrious lounge vox under cool, half-assed brass, and cooler lounge piano, with a slow doo-wop chorus, with occasional stabs from reverby guitars. Long and samey, but so copacetic that it works.
5. (3:01) Bleary windchimes, spooky tympani or something. Horror movie violins. Another noodly mood-piece instrumental. Pretty and foresty.
6. (3:51) **** Beautiful-awful sax intro, spacey organ and plucked guitar... staccato doo-woppy lounge vox over plunked piano and spacey f/x. Great melodic hooks. This is the world's most comatose sock-hop band ever. It plods on, inevitably and spookily and nostalgically. Twiddling violins and more spacey f/x.
7. (4:51) *** Energetic stomping, faintly howling intro. Dark lonely mountaintop-garagey vocals. With hep-cat-1960s Henry Mancini keyboard. Distilled fun & cool. Chorus a bit dippy, but it's joined by a faint girl-group backup.
8. (4:43) * More plunking '50s piano, teen-ballad crooner (with Carson McCullers lyrics?). Fuzzed-out textures everywhere.
9. (4:31) ** '50s walking blues pop, nice thwomping beat, creepy sax echoes in back. Harpsichord chorus. Ends in an extended haunted house saxophone nightmare.
10. (3:33) Drone for two minutes, and then some spooky piano chords. And... it's over.

Track Listing
1. Bad Ritual   6. Woman
2. Obelisk   7. Too Old To Die Young
3. Creep On Creepin' On   8. Lonesome Hunter
4. Black Water   9. Do I Have Power
5. Swamp Magic   10. Souvenirs