Bird Names / A Salute To The Energy Of The Sun
Album: A Salute To The Energy Of The Sun   Collection:General
Artist:Bird Names   Added:Mar 2011
Label:Northern Spy Records  

Album Review
Rev. R4D4 Leech
Reviewed 2012-01-11
Bird Names - A salute to the energy of the sun

ZK 970 567

Great & weird, lo-fi Chicago band. Noisey pieces, lyrics are nearly haikus, vocals sung with a slight bit of distortion. Dreamy, medium paced stuff. Lots of background stuff so great on headphones! Best Tracks (IMO) 1, 3, 5, 6 - Review by Rev. R4D4

1) sounds like the crazy guy on the bus singing "I'm the King, Kiss my Ring" odd drums, jangly guitar.

2) stomp then airy vocals, toy piano & slight samba. An ode to the beach, samples of storks.

3) beat has a nice low dip to it, like a talking drum. psychedelic guitar melodies

4) chorus of maddening vocals that hinge on a lyrical stop. Fun. Slightly waltz-ish.

5) chorus vocals run around your ears as tribal drums beat your brain. Half-way song opens up to cleaner production & an almost type ditty, but then turns into noise. Cool.

6) Apollo the energy of the sun! quicker paced, exciting horns, accordions, percussion, metallic cymbals. Reminds me of waking up feeling super manic. One of those crazy days!

7) war beat drums, w. time-warped middle eastern tuned guitars. most poppy of the album. little like They Might be Giants at parts.

8) instrumental, funny guitar like one is slightly drunk and friends are telling her to look at the UFO flying by, but they just playin'!

9) Vocal heavy song about repairing house, violin gives folky touch

10) tom waits-ish intro w. syth, heavy bass but light drums.

11) outer-space transmissions tell you it's all impermanent.

12) seems to wrap it all up, tell me, son (or Sun)...what is your name? manic, like all earlier tracks

Track Listing
1. Kiss My Ring   7. My Baby's A Lady
2. The Beach & The Lake   8. Metabolism
3. Grow Each Other   9. Dust You Come
4. Welcome To The Ghost Age   10. Ok, Another Windless Day
5. Phantoms & Fortunes   11. Their Impermanent Occasion
6. Apollo, Descend   12. Tell Me, Son