Freddi / Henchi And The Soulsetters / Crown Princes Of Funk: The Last Set
Album: Crown Princes Of Funk: The Last Set   Collection:General
Artist:Freddi / Henchi And The Soulsetters   Added:Mar 2011
Label:Wind Hit  

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Funky To The Bone
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I Want To Dance, Dance, Dance
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Mr. Funky (As Freddi And Henchi)
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Come Down, Funky To The Bone
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I Want To Dance, Dance, Dance
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The Thrill Is Gone

Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2011-03-16
Freddi / Henchi & the Soulsetters
Reviewed by Sadie O., 3/16/11
Betcha didn’t know some of the FUNKIEST stuff EVAH was made by a band outa Phoenix Arizona (!) with two black singers and a mostly Latino band. Produced by Hadley Murrell (see “Soul Side of the Street”), they cut some of the hottest Funk of the 70’s, but remained underappreciated nationally (perhaps that has something to do with “Phoenix Arizone”…) Fortunately, Murrell has apparently archived everything he’s ever been involved with, so we get another chance to dance. Yeah, baby!
1. 3:54 *****slow fade in, then midtempo Sly & the Family Stone style funky dance number. Bass right up front in the mix, chunka chunka guitar, great vocals.
2. 3:34 ****hits right off with big energy, 70’s social comment soul (all still true, of course…) Psychedelic bit in middle.
3. 2:56 **wah-wah and keyboard, a bit uptempo, I guess this would be the answer to Heart’s “Barracuda”… Fades out quite early.
4. 5:41 ****keyboard chords intro, then very slow, bluesy crawl, cover of the BB King classic. Although slow and bluesy with a big guitar solo, it’s not at all a copy. Some insane vocals and guitar in last couple of minutes. Whew!
5. 2:50 ***downtempo, gooey funk with lots of bass, a bit goofy and fun.
6. 3:29 ***wah-wah intro, midtempo funky funky funk, all about indomitability in the face of povery.
7. 3:45 ***southern fried soul with a disco-funk dance groove. Ain’t NOTHIN wrong with that, either.
8. 2:34 ***high energy, high electricity cover of the Hendrix classic – again, although it’s got the same components as the original, it’s completely different.
9. 3:28 ***midtempo and funky, just plain good fun.
10. 3:14 ****groovy funk, fun production.
11. 3:10 ****downtempo Isaac Hayes-style funk. Funkity funkity funk. Also very silly – they were known for good-natured fun (without the K).
12. 3:24 ***midtempo rubber band funk, about a two-timin’ mama. Tsk!
13. 2:18 *downtempo, live sound, female backup singers, 70’s upbeat message.
14. 3:16 ***way downtempo, sardonic humor.
15. 2:53 ***a bit downbeat but very funky, 70’s style social commentary soul.
16. 3:18 *very downbeat and downtempo soul. Builds, gets all orchestral. Good stuff for the genre, but not my bag…
17. 2:55 *****HELL YEAH. Thass whai’m talking about FUNK.
18. 3:17 **** downtempo, slinky, Sly & the Family Stone style, social message.
19. 3:08 *goes from funk to pop – sounds rather like Glam Rock, really.
20. 1:47 ***bass intro, then uptempo soul jam. Some VERY goofy bits.
21. 1:57 ***fast (Pachuco Style?) cover of the anthemic theme song.

Track Listing
1. I Want To Dance, Dance, Dance   11. Mr. Funky (As Freddi And Henchi)
2. Under Pressure   12. Moonlightin' (As Freddi And Henchi)
3. Piranha   13. Things Are Changing
4. The Thrill Is Gone   14. Clancy, He's A Real Good Cop
5. It's All Downhill   15. Cartoon People (As The Soulsetters)
6. Big Mama Jackson   16. Try To Get To Know Me (As The Soulsetters)
7. Funky To The Bone   17. Popcorn Baby
8. Fire   18. Come Down
9. I Like Funky Music   19. I'm Your Friend
10. Mr. Goodtime   20. Biscuits & Buttermilk (As Freddi & Henchi)
  21. Soul Train (Pachuco Style) (As The Soulsetters)