Various Artists / Mexican Dubwiser V.2.
Album: Mexican Dubwiser V.2.   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2011
Label:Kin Kon Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2011-03-16
Mexican Dubwiser V.2
Reviewed by Sadie O, 3/16/11
Electronic/cumbia /Latin/world/reggae/dub remixes by Mexican Dubwiser, DJ/producer from Monterrey Mexico, now working in LA. This is what’s going on now, Homes, so listen up.
There tend to be long spaces between tracks, so not great for continuous play.
FCCs – definitely on track 17; not sure about the Spanish language hip hop.
1. 7:08 ****couple seconds silence, then mutated announcement in Spanish, finally slow heartbeat dub, electronics, then slinky downbeat cumbiamuffin. Gets better and better as it goes along. There are frogs – always a good sign.
2. 3:00 **rather offkey acoustic guitar, then relaxed cumbia with randomosity. Pretty, in an odd way.
3. 3:08 **very offkey chord, then slow shuffles that morph into a pretty (yet ominous) slow cumbia. Could be a lullaby, but you’d have scary dreams. Turns into a march of the funky robots.
4. 4:39 ****funky Latin percussion, uptempo, aggressive cumbia moderna.
5. 2:59 *psychedelic dub echoes and pulses. Just a hint of cumbia shuffle. This could give you an audioseizure.
6. 3:36 ***wheezes, then accordion, steel drums, sound collage. Half rootsy, half electronic dub. Conono #1’s Mexican cousin.
7. 3:00 ****downtempo, groovy cumbia with electronic plinkyblats. I like plinkyblats.
8. 4:08 *****downtempo cumbia with fractured Outkast. Bitchen muthfuckin ass!
9. 3:36 **pulses, swingy and sparse dub, hip hop in Spanish.
10. 3:52 *****cool downbeat percussion and shakers, hip hop in Spanish, nice vocal rhythms. There’s also great fretless bass back in there. Nice. BTW, “Free Hole Negro” is a GREAT band name. Ends about 15 seconds early.
11. 5:24 ****swingy midtempo cumbia, prominent bass and bits of sound collage. Bit of gypsy brass thrown in, just for fun.
12. 5:44 ***space-age electronics, then psychedelic dub. Is pretty, but almost a bit shoe-gazey.
13. 4:11 **big slow bongos, sweet wobbly space dub, and Cindy Lauper. Huh! Switches up after some tweety birds about 30 seconds from end.
14. 3:44 ***jungle-dubby sound collage, funk guitar and bongos.
15. 4:36 ****remix of a very traditional Cuban song, starting with fairly roots/unplugged recording, morphing into electronica. Gets truly farty after a while.
16. 3:15 **odd! Plodding jungle beat, disco hit with female vocals.
17. 5:35 FCC – very clear “mothafucka” repeated. **creepy woobly keyboard, completely mutilated vocals. Seems to have started out as MexiPop, now it’s like a requiem for the 80’s.
18. 8:08 ***bit of spoken intro, then silence for a second, then upbeat cumbia with lots of dub and weirdness – and FUNK! Also some Jazz, and a lot of kinda messy collage.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Hacienda Mexican Dubweiser
2. Son Machin Sonora Colombus
3. Clash, The One More Dub (Mexican Dubwiser & Toy Selectah Cumbia Clash)
4. Contrabanda Sr. Matanza
5. Atom Heart & Tea Time Loco (Mexican Dubwiser Edit-Redub)
6. Dick El Demasiado Flaca De Las Coloradas
7. Yerba Brava Cumbia Villera ( Mexican Dubwiser Dub Edit)
8. Outkast So Fresh, So Crunk 2012 (Mexican Dubwiser Rebajado Remix)
9. Cuban Hiphop All-Stars Tengo
10. Freehole Negro Reso (Metiendo El Coco)
11. Bomba Estereo + Fuego (Mexican Dubwiser + La Cherga 2011 Remix)
12. Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible Brown Bike (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
13. Cindy Lauper True Colours (Mexican Dubwiser Dub)
14. Brownout Chanclas De Ninja (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
15. Standard Chan-Chan (Remake)
16. Linda Lopez Call Me (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
17. D3ndron Airwolf (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
18. Zuzuku African Do Round