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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 2011
Label:Mortville Noise  

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Abrir Las Puertas
4. Feb 24, 2011: Orangeasm
2. Mar 12, 2011: Overkill: Opium of the (m)asses
5. Feb 19, 2011: Overkill: with our guest Ragnar!
Howls Of Repression, Donos Da Verdade
3. Mar 03, 2011: Orangeasm - Mooseport
Erasor Evasor, Sex & Violence

Album Review
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2011-02-18
WOW! This reviewer has been left speechless. This is one of the most ambitious compilations I have ever come across: 99 tracks on one CD (100 actually, but since CDs don't allow for that, the last two have been combined) lasting a brief 43 minutes. Mortville Noise brings us the absolute best of the noisiest, obscurest corners of the worldwide grind/noisecore underground. This collection is a nonstop, disorienting blast of noise, blastbeats, screams, growls, and general filthy anti-music tomfoolery, encapsulating the perverse beauty of basement/bedroom/garage noise madness and juxtaposing it with top-notch no-frills grindcore. If you're into this sort of thing, you will find yourself digging almost every track. The sound ranges from harsh yet audible grindcore (Agathocles, Mesrine) to unintelligible, absolute extremities of noisecore (Earwigs, Cacasonica) including some baffling weirdness. Obviously, none of the songs clock in at over 50 seconds. Fantastic, awe-inspiring stuff for the true sick fans of noize! The collection is truly worldwide, ranging from the US, Indonesia, Japan, Ecuador, Finland, and fuck knows where else.

Of special consideration here are tracks from noisecore staples Gorgonized Dorks, Earwigs, Nihilist Commando, and CSMD, as well as grindcore giants Agathocles and Parlamentarisk Sodomi. Also of note are oddball obscurities such as Penis Geyser, Mutwawa, and Facialmess, as well as grindcore underdogs Dispepsiaa, Hard Charger and The Oily Menace. I really encourage anyone whose curiosity knows no bounds to explore this on their own and find their own favorites.

(Note: Obviously there will be no track-by-track review. FCC: 15, 21, 28, 69; and use discretion when announcing many bands/song titles.)

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Thc Eradicus Thce Ub's Out
2. Akbk Afte Kidnapping Before Killing
3. Necrolytic Assclaw
4. Penis Geyser -
5. Cacasonica Mucha Mierda Para Mas De Morir
6. Stab! 7 Minutes Of Nausea Cover
7. Ptao -
8. Makua Valley Blast Test Trough
9. Naturals Four Songs With Mike Complaining
10. Gorgonized Dorks -
11. Ablach An Unforgiving Disposition
12. Cedricis Lettuce Leaf 9
13. Funeral Mongoloids El Morto Porno
14. Fung Tunt 8 Oclock Butching
15. S.M.G. Self Esteem
16. Beartrap The Closed Art Exhibition / Penetrate The Ketchup Bottle
17. Zulanwar Chemical Slave
18. Rattenkreig -
19. Dispepsiaa Donos Da Verdade
20. Iron Butter L.E.S.S.
21. Pottersville 2 Fisted Shit-Fuck
22. Meet The Squidables Handlebar Moustache Pubes
23. C.S.M.D. Space Eye
24. Amnogomusikimalo 24 Traxx About Voices In Your Head
25. Cogs And Sprockets Pass The Buck
26. Deep Fried Embryo Homemade Sex Change / Pissed In Mouth
27. Earwigs, The -
28. Doktor Bitch Stupid
29. Joshua Norton Cabal Images Of The Floating World
30. Teenage Desires Sexual Exemption
31. Dysmorfic N.Y.A.B. Cover
32. Chocolate Crucifix Unholy Ghost
33. Metropolis Bong-O.D.R.I.
34. Facialness Pricktease
35. Txqxbx More Sickness Than Meets The Eye
36. Violent Headache Gris
37. Psychotic Sufferance Perhambaan Kelas Satu
38. Rupture Erasor Evasor
39. Mummifier Full Blast
40. Sauerkraut False Images Of Supersociety
41. Comparative Anatomy Banana Grinder
42. Braid Of Black Smoke Gaviria
43. Melanocetus Murrayi Untitled
44. Nikudorei 28 Seconds
45. Nihilist Commando Howls Of Repression
46. Bonesaw Transylvanian Plunger
47. Johnstomper Aka Ben Is The Bastard Jesters / Clowns / Ventriloquists / Stilt Walkers + Other Important People
48. Grand Old Lady Slow Dance
49. Harsh Supplement -
50. Mutwawa Mutwawa
51. Patisserie Throbital Udosite / Castralizitaized
52. 2 Minuta Dreka Ass Busters
53. Chadburger Shut The Fuck Up
54. Screwtape Extreme Unction
55. Sete-Star-Sept Lost In Time
56. Parlamentarisk Sodomi Statsmaktene, P-Piller Og Universet I Sin Helhet
57. Joe Pesci The Nightmare Continues
58. Dis-Eased Cancerous Habits
59. Led Beasties Gay Muslim Abortionist
60. Black Market Fetus Rocktober Blood
61. Slaguthergrave In Mince We Trust
62. Tea Party Violence Smashlee Simpson
63. Juhyo Rtry
64. Kusari Gama Kill 1000 Blasted Bodies
65. Godstomper Infiltrator / French Prison / Anarchist
66. Blast Femur Icelandic
67. 7 Minutes Of Nausea Black Death X
68. Kali Yuga Death Party Nietzschean Fuck Off
69. Captain Three Leg Exploiting The Hole / Triple Leg
70. Papaconia Sex & Violence
71. Shatter Dead Caro Data Vermibus / Machinbe-Gunned To A Pile Of Mush / Cesspool
72. Agathocles Abrir Las Puertas
73. Batillus Unlifed
74. Barbarian Scum Backwards Faeces
75. Intestinal Fortitude Squashed / Careers Ended In An Instant
76. Colico -
77. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree The Adventure Of Two-Headed Unicorn And Dead Baby Bird / The Adventures Of Herpe
78. Hello Kitty Mother Fuckers Hello Koncho / Hellok Itty For Men
79. Super Fun Happy Slide Chunder Blunder 4
80. Penis Enlargement Some Crappy Songs
81. Ataque Cardiaco Crack
82. Bloody Rectum Hands Up His Ass
83. Cauliflower Ass & Bob Drink Myself To Death
84. Drogheda Maggots In The Rotting Ass Of Democracy
85. Fascist Insect Spectre Of Extreme Violence
86. Molecular Cloud Hydrogen Burst
87. Nut Screamer Goat Fucker
88. Mesrine Vingt Secondes / Moose
89. Zombie Hate Brigade Fistful Of Entrails
90. V.R.V. -
91. C.D.R. Dfgvbjdsdvksdnlsk
92. Oily Menace, The Work
93. Mad Eye Disease Killed On Climax
94. Rectal Twat Misogyny Is The Way To Be
95. Slapendehonden Imprecise
96. Deranged Insane Pestilencia
97. Hard Charger You Will Get Yours
98. Gangbang Gestapo Velvet Fog
99. Vomir / Wadge Close Them Out / Last Train To Mortville