Dara Puspita / Dara Puspita 1966-1968
Album:Dara Puspita 1966-1968 Collection:General
Artist:Dara Puspita Added:Dec 2010
Label:Sublime Frequencies 

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2010-12-03 
Dara Puspita – 1966-1968
Reviewed by Sadie O., 12/3/10
AWESOME girl group from Indonesia in the sixties – garage, pop, pscyh, chick rock. (Dara Puspita means Flower Girls – it’s not a name, BTW.) The liner notes are rather gobsmacking – although they were just teenagers (and Thailand wasn’t exactly all about women’s lib in the 60’s) they defied the Sukarno regime’s anti-Western ban, risking jail or worse. They played their own instruments, and did damn good garage pop. Inspiring and thoroughly delicious – play it all!
1. 2:01 *** Pip Pip Yeah
uptempo, high spirited romp with a smidge of “Drive My Car”
2. 2:11 ** Musafir Cinta (The Love Traveler)
kinda midtempo, pretty harmonies, sorta surfy
3. 3:08 *** Pantai Pataya (Pataya Beach)
midtempo pony (although you can frug to it too), seems to be a cover of Bony Moronie (which is by Ritchie Valens – I didn’t know that!)
4. 1:59 **** Pesta Pak Lurah (Mr. Lurah's Party)
bitchen ass – kinda Beatles-early-psychedelic, kinda screamy. Yay!
5. 2:03 **** Bertamasja (On Vacation)
great, driving 60’s psych garage. Fantastic! Fuzzy!
6. 2:14 ** Puyaili (Thai Folk Song)
midtempo, upbeat garage – is this really Thai folk? I dunno…
7. 2:13 ** A Go Go
upbeat go-go jerk (you can do the swim, too…)
8. 2:26 *** Pusdi
downtempo (by comparison), sort of a cover of Lucille, sorta not.
9. 1:38 **** Semua Gembira (All Happy)
midtempo stomp, great raw vocals.
10. 2:09 ** Ibu (Mother)
midtempo, sweet folky ballad.
11. 2:55 *** Mabuk Laut (Sea Sick)
uptempo surfer stomp instrumental with inexplicable whooshes. Fades out 30 seconds early and comes back with a scream. Yeeeps!
12. 2:34 *** Soal Asmara (About Love)
midtempo pop. Cute and bubbly, but with a fuzz guitar solo.
13. 3:04 ** Aku Pergi (I Go)
midtempo 4/4 pop march.
14. 2:02 ** Rudi
bouncy uptempo pop
15. 1:56 **** Hallo, Kawan (Hello, Friend)
uptempo surfy garage with a sort of quacking chorus.
16. 2:20 * Lagu Rindu (The Longing Song)
sugar-sweet midtempo pop
17. 2:19 *** Believe Me
stomp and twang – sung in English!
18. 3:11 ***** Hai Kasih (Hi Love)
downtempo and quite dramatic, crunchy bass. Nice! Goes all psychedelic, too!
19. 2:50 ** Tanak Airku (My Homeland)
midtempo – bad sound quality, cover of “Glad All Over”.
20. 2:31 ** Mengapa (Why?)
downtempo pretty pop with lots of bass and offkey guitar solo. Some fascinating vocals, though.
21. 2:03 *** Pinokio (Pinnochio)
surfer stomp – like a beginner Ventures with chick singers.
22. 1:44 ** Lihat Adikku (See My Little Sister)
midtempo pop, solo vocals.
23. 2:27 ** Ali Baba
midtempo but rather relaxed pop, just a bit of twang.
24. 2:03 *** Rantiku
drum solo intro, solo vocals way up front in the mix, (lots of whoops and squeaks, sort of a cover of Susie Q.
25. 3:22 ** Mari-Mari (Come On-Come On)
midtempo pop
26. 2:33 *** Kerja Kami (Our Work)
slow and quite sincere sounding.

Track Listing
1.Pip Pip Yeah 14.Rudi
2.Musafir Cinta (The Love Traveler) 15.Hallo, Kawan (Hello, Friend)
3.Pantai Pataya (Pataya Beach) 16.Lagu Rindu (The Longing Song)
4.Pesta Pak Lurah (Mr. Lurah's Party) 17.Believe Me
5.Bertamasja (On Vacation) 18.Hai Kasih (Hi Love)
6.Puyaili (Thai Folk Song) 19.Tanak Airku (My Homeland)
7.A Go Go 20.Mengapa (Why?)
8.Pusdi 21.Pinokio (Pinnochio)
9.Semua Gembira (All Happy) 22.Lihat Adikku (See My Little Sister)
10.Ibu (Mother) 23.Ali Baba
11.Mabuk Laut (Sea Sick) 24.Rantiku
12.Soal Asmara (About Love) 25.Mari-Mari (Come On-Come On)
13.Aku Pergi (I Go) 26.Kerja Kami (Our Work)