Trawler Bycatch / Schlep'm
Album: Schlep'm   Collection:General
Artist:Trawler Bycatch   Added:Nov 2010
Label:Porter Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. May 18, 2011: Stokes Flow
4. Apr 24, 2011: Songs: Cantan
Tasks Not Assigned
2. May 02, 2011: Your Alibi
Initial Melody (A Nelson Spiritual)
5. Apr 22, 2011: gilt
3. Apr 27, 2011: respiro
6. Apr 15, 2011: gilt

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2010-11-13
Intense weird psyche-prog realm gets fatter. Portland group cant seem to want to conform to the mundane b.s. world of music we live in so instead records and releases a passionate plethora of timings/meters, mixture of realms and genres that instantly bring to mind the best of Captain Beefheart then something smoking that your mother may have been hearing backstage 1975 while blowing the bass player in the next band at the neighborhood fern bar’s weekly prog-fusion improv night. All the drama of intense prog-masters, but with all the trappings/freedom of a contemporary outfit. Drums, bass, guitar, keys, arrangements, male/female vocals buried mostly, this is intense stuff that I suspect could even rouse Ragnar of Ravensfjord back from the grave, onto the air.

1) slow-mid plod goes crazy double time in places, with stoney guitar and wail vocals, drums that jump out at any opportunity and an evil big ass bass with no remorse, excellent craziness
2) upbeat rockin thing, kooky for sure, “vocals” on this one but not decipherable
3) midpaced headnodding with intense crazy meter changes and “parts”, captain beefheart jumps to mind immediately, but that’s just an association with the guitar playing and the craziness that is this band
4) swingier more midpaced, briefer more radio friendly, silly CB feel again, certainly a great overall taste of this band
5) more vocal centric, but still lots of trippy meter changes, weird guitars, vocals, name it
6) crazed spastic with rockin parts, some girl vocs
7) builds and builds with the strings and stuff then capitulates into a low roar and transcends to antoher plane, prog at its best!

Track Listing
1. Thissletia   4. Initial Melody (A Nelson Spiritual)
2. Blinded By Fun   5. Forces Of Nature
3. Singing Grass   6. Heaving Through The Seasons
  7. Tasks Not Assigned