Mathias Mental / Teflon Child
Album: Teflon Child   Collection:General
Artist:Mathias Mental   Added:Nov 2010

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Teflon Child
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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-12-08
Fast fast fast glitch-meistery cheerfully immature 8-bit Yamaharama. Sharp edgy supa-synthetic electro. It's The Faint's Danse Macabre, but not as good, and lighter in spirit. The lyrics are bad (REALLY BAD), but the 8-bit is great. There's so much little kid in this it's legit grin-inducing. Seriously, the track names tell the story. "My room vs your room"? "Call me yesterday"? "Everybody hates me now"? Damn, dorm life sucks. Shit-can the bad poetry, Mathias. Time to stage the dance par-tay of one.

try: 1, 2, 3, 8
FCC: 4?

*1. skippy scratchy techno vox, fun video game beat. a little depeche mode. smooth and sparkly.
*2. dark pushy punchy beat. minor-tinged nintendo keys. fuzzy lyrics move into fast kit and drip-dry mono-spaced vox.
*3. raplike intro verse. echoey "all right". nice liquidy smooth chorus and killer synth. the faaaiiinnt.
4. FCC sorta: "nipples and testicles" bizarrely inflected narrative sing-speak. seriously embarrassing confessional lyrics. a backbeat reminiscent of 'my sharona' at chipmunk speed.
5. shrill organ synth. jazzy keys. rapid drum machine latins up the chorus. slows in the last few seconds.
6. downtempo, tinny, clashy. sustained piano, sad sod lyrics. backing female vox and twink keys. oh god, the lyrics are terrible. skip.
7. downtempo heavy low-tone nintendo chordage. glitchy kit.
*8. marching fast handclappy gliiitch action. dancey. effective use of a warm slow bridge.
9. high-reg gameboy blooping. crap, you can make out the lyrics. backing low 'ah's and ripple-pulse synth. ach, i wish this was in another language or something. really nice final 40 seconds.
10. rain / thunder effects. mono beat, mono vox. picks up into a crunchy piano-driven soundstage with machine gun / shell discharge / helicopter effects. god-awful lyrics. ends with ~20 seconds of rain / thunder, then abruptly cuts off.

Track Listing
1. Teflon Child   6. Call Me Yesterday
2. Of Boredom   7. Daylight Saving
3. Everybody Hates Me Now   8. Heart Attack
4. One Heart Why?   9. Straight To Dvd
5. My Room Vs Your Room   10. Soldier Love