Morgan, Amber Kai And Garrett Kelly / A Four Course Meal Of Found Sound
Album: A Four Course Meal Of Found Sound   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Morgan, Amber Kai And Garrett Kelly   Added:Oct 2010
Label:Noise | Order  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-12-02
Analog America: A Four Course Meal of Found Sound

Album of found sound, mostly phone messages/conversations. Many of them are great, especially 2, 5, 22, 25, 29, and 30. Also 24 if you want some crazzzy music.
Beware of FCCs on 8, 17. Reviewed by Klayr.

“Family and Friends”
1.Two women talking… “Take a nap, run errands, work out—good for you! Enjoy your salad.”
2.“Where are you? Take as many baklava as you want from the fridge. I leave lots of Baklava.”
3.“Why didn’t you go behind the building to get some tomatoes, grapes, nectarines?”
4.“I want to bring the baklava”
5. Little kid making a tape for his mom. So cute… especially when he tries to say “aluminum.” Lo-fi drumbeat and synth in the background.
6. Messages from one woman’s phone machine: starts with message from one Rick Peroni calling a woman, then conversation between the two, then a message about her son’s absences from school, a message about an overdue video to Hollywood Video, and lastly her children’s father.
7. Kid listing friends’ names, presumably in order of how good of friends they are. Dog barking in background.
8. FCC FCC FCC! Moose… Message from a friend, which is interrupted by guy answering.
9. Kid talking on phone to his mom about how he has a cold, wants to watch Scooby Doo, is hammering something? He breathes a lot into the phone because he has a cold, which is kind of cute.
10. Old lady + man talking about young grandson (?) and how demanding he is, how happy he was on the playground. “He’s quite bossy.”
11. Older woman talking to man (her son) about money: “You’re going to have to be careful with that money…” Southern-ish accents.
12. Messages for David from Pauline (from previous track)… she reeeaaally wants him to call her.

13. Extra shot went into latte, espresso was really bad! Sorry about that Linda!
14. Wrong number… Or not? Bill calling about foot care? “His name is William Schell. Oooh, I know him. No, maybe not.” (Nurse Jutta is clearly quite confused…)
15. Angry guy… “If he doesn’t show up, we’ll give it to him” Then they talk about documents, files, 8-Ks. Some kind of petty criminal behavior? Or just angry corporate dudes? You tell me…
16. Guy talking about driving cabs, getting up at 3:45 in the AM.
17. FCC FCC FCC! Poor Angelo… can’t “get out of the drinking”
18. Guy recording his own call of trying to get a repair for something. Includes hold music! This guy is pretty weird/argumentative, but also amusing.
19. Really long beep, then brief message.

20. Recording of some kind of town meeting? Apparently it was about a “tent city” type gathering of homeless people. Gets pretty heated towards the end!
21. Southern-accented gal singing a brief song in Spanish
22. WOW THIS SOUNDS LIKE A DANIEL JOHNSTON BALLAD. But actually it’s a pretty sad story if you read the liner notes :(
23. Speaker wants to do an autobiography about someone else. Sounds like The Autiobiography of Alice B. Toklas to me…
24. This track is a musical smorgasbord… weird toy piano pounding in the beginning, then punky shouting/singing, brief stints of sick guitar riffage, then spacey parts, and some weird techno biz going on at the end.
25. “I should be out riding my bike right now. ACHOO!” “He’s got a peroxisome of sneezing”

26. “I sent you an email… it’s a prayer request”
27. Kind of dull message for someone’s mom
28. Sad girl who wants owner of message machine to call her or she’ll “throw herself in front of a car or something”
29. Nuns/religious folk talking on the phone about a schedule that Sister Agatha apparently messed up. One lady uses word “snafu.” Play this track just for that.
31. A wealth of religious-ness… 10 minutes worth. According to the liner notes, it’s a bunch of people complaining about their pastor to their pastor. Their complaints are pretty harsh (like he lied about what his daughter was doing to hide his failures as a father). He defends himself meekly from time to time. It’s really entertaining if you have the time to play it.
32. Phone conversation between two women… older woman tries to turn off the message machine, but it “won’t shut off.” Other woman is about to read her some scripture, but she can’t turn off the machine, even though she keeps pushing buttons.

Track Listing
1. Enjoy Your Salad   17. Tiger Auto Eviction
2. Get The Baklava   18. Microsoft Guy
3. Nectarines   19. Long Beep
4. I Want To Bring The Baklava   20. Such Is The Case With All Associations
5. Aluminum   21. The Spanish Flirt
6. Single Mother   22. Miniature Rose Garden
7. Port Townsend Kids   23. Autobiography
8. Dynamite!   24. Lovely Cecilia
9. Scooby   25. Bicycle Thursday
10. Preschool Playground Instructions   26. Prayer Request
11. Las Vegas   27. Oh, And The Church Calendar
12. David, This Is Pauline   28. Youth Pastor
13. Espresso Was Really Bad   29. Holy Month
14. Jutta, The Foot Nurse   30. The Lord Is Good
15. (Corporate) Mafia Guy   31. Pastor Tapes
16. Driving Cabs   32. Scripture