Rotflol / Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
Album: Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud   Collection:General
Artist:Rotflol   Added:Sep 2010
Label:Audio Dregs Records  

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Recent Airplay
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Make It Happen
2. Feb 27, 2011: The Donner Party
Don't Worry (Stress Mix Excerpt)
5. Feb 16, 2011: Dolores Park Posh Hipster Garbage
3. Feb 23, 2011: Panorama Barbeque
Make It Happen
6. Feb 13, 2011: Late Train to Kyuushuu
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Album Review
Reviewed 2011-01-01
A collection of badass 8-bitty electronic songs from everybody’s favorite spazzy laptop-bumping label, Audio Dregs (Ratatat, Melodium, etc.) Most of these beats are slamming and upbeat and maintain that beepy 8-bit sound to them, while also managing not to sound too much like that dumb arcade video-game remix BS that’s gotten really YouTube popular with the 1UP-shirt-clad junior high kid fanbase. (No hate.) Putting that aside, bust out one of these tracks if you’re in the mood to jam out with some really fun, intelligent beats. Bump them loud for best results. FCC CLEAN!

RIYL: Dam Funk, Aphex Twin remixing Ratatat with the PacMan soundtrack, 80’s electro

1. A dramatic, mysterious intro leads into a bouncy slamming beat that gets pretty funky towards the end.
2. A promising start with a super-upbeat suspenseful intro, but it never really goes anywhere.
3. Very video-gamey, lots of beepy keyboard and nice reverb-laced fuzzy synth lines.
*4. Sounds like something off of Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James album. Awesome grinding beat peppered with layered 8-bits and ringing phone samples. Complex and varied.
5. Darker and with tons of flanger effects. Lots of Roland distortion, and obvious acid-house influence. Holla if you feel me!
6. Another super-upbeat video-gamey song. Squishy-sounding drums with lots of super-sunny keyboard lines. If you’re into retro video games, this is your go-to song on the album.
7. A slow intro leads into a dreamy, ambient lull. 8-bit ambient? Yes, anything is possible. Picks up nicely in the end with some jivey beats.
8. 8-bit with lots of drum and bass elements.
*9. Hard slamming electro beats with awesome fuzzy electronica and priceless keyboard jams. Super upbeat and catchy. My *favorite* pick from the album.
*10. A beautiful cascading casio riff with lots of groove. Awesome track that would be popular on any 80’s dance floor.
*11. Hard-hitting electronica with the gain all the way up. Nice and complex with lots of layering and varied textures.
12. Chirpy 8-bit with a hammering gritty beat near the end.
*13. A lighthearted, sparkly electronic cover of “Don’t Worry (Be Happy).” Lots of handclaps.
*14. Super anthemic with steady bass, catchy riffs, etc.
15. Choppy and bassy with lots of glitch influence.
16. Stuttering with tons of layering and bright accents.
*17. Hard-hitting bassline with lots of energy and sparse vocal samples.
18. 8-second electronic major scale.
19. Hard and distorted with lots of fuzzed out vocals. (LIVE)
*20. Metallic pounding beats with great twisted distorted fuzzed out vox. Lots of varied dancey beats. (LIVE)
21. Sparse reverb-drenched beats and distorted lyrics. (LIVE)
*22. DnB rhythm with lots of beeps and boops and a warbly bassline.
*23. A frantic roller-coaster of blended video game beats and fast forwarded electronic samples. And lots of static. Gnarly! (LIVE)
*24. Awesome short sunny, cheerful beat with lots of laidback vibes and a bouncy rhythm.

Track Listing
1. Lost Inside The Stress Boxes, The Movie   13. Don't Worry (Stress Mix Excerpt)
2. Intro   14. Problem Solvers Theme Song
3. Go!   15. Peacezonez
4. Ghost Forest Night Rave   16. I Heart Computerz
5. Apple's Garage Jamband Session (Excerpt)   17. Kill Em All Kill Email
6. Tranzition   18. Tranzition
7. Wish U Were Here   19. Live!!
8. Gifs Vs. Sprites   20. Live F!!
9. No Fear   21. Live F@*#!!
10. Make It Happen   22. Live Sh!!
11. Lost Inside The Stress Boxes, The Game   23. Live Sh@#%$!!
12. The First Computer Song I Ever Made   24. Lost Inside The Stress Boxes, The Tv Show