Sluglords / Sluglords Forever!
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Revenge Of The Zombie Sluglords (Trails Of Slime Ep)

Album Review
Trainee Diego
Reviewed 2010-11-08
Sluglords – Sluglords Forever!

Finally, a CD collecting all the recordings of this criminally underrated 80s bay area punk band! Hailing from SF, Sluglords deliver a slab of raw, angry, but catchy hardcore punk, with a sound that is all- encompassing yet unique. At times reminiscent of Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Poison Idea, Circle Jerks, Meatmen, it’s all there! Oddball without sacrificing the angry—highly recommended. ALL GOOD but try 1,4,8 especially.

1. Fast, simple, and to the point—fuck the world! Angry yet bouncy, with a searing guitar solo. Title not FCC clean but can't distinguish the "fuck". 2. Quirky (featuring snippet of Looney tunes riff), with awkward harmonies and forgettable, incongruous rhythms. 3. Slightly longer with memorable riffs, almost rock-ish in catchiness, and is that a piano? 4. Highlight of the record—fast punk, angry vocals with catchy harmony hooks, but wait! Weird 6/8 bridge that builds in intensity for an earthshattering finale, guitar solo is outta control! 5. A bit of oddball charm this time, with a pulsating bassline and stop-start rhythmic parts with weird melodic guitar noodling at the end. No vox except for goofy screaming in the middle. 6. Political, angry, and catchy, just how I like my punk! Plus another guitar solo! 7. Weird, quirky riffs with lots of guitar noodling, but like all good punk, doesn’t lose its intensity. 8. Anthemically angry,raw punk. Great variation, shows these guys didn’t just write formulaic songs. More guitar shredder. ESSENTIAL TRACK. 9. Catchy punk riffs highlighted by a skilled rhythm section doing some off-kilter stuff. 10. A very memorable punk riff opens up to a raw, angry number with machine-gun intensity. 11. First of several live tracks. Parts with clean guitar tone funky, Minutemen-esque. 12 (see track 2) vamp on Looney Tunes melody.
13. Lengthy (for punk) guitar intro leads to intense but poorly- recorded number. 14. Anthemic and fist-pumping hc punk, again sadly lacking in good production. 15. Bass-driven funky intro leads to fast goofy punk heavy on ride cymbal. 16. Riff dependent on bass, catchy woah-harmonies. I’d sing along if I could hear the vox better. 17. 29 seconds: fast and quirky poorly-recorded punk, can’t hear any lyrics. 18. Longer song (for punk): instrumental; cool, weird rhythmic intro leading to DK-esque menacing riffage, plus surfish-then-rock guitar shredding
toward the end. 19. 6/8 quirky, toe-tappingly catchy punk with woah-chorus. 20. No longer live
recording—featuring DH Peligro of DK on drums. Random upbeat rockabilly instrumental with
trumpet/guitar solo tradeoff, then Yakety sax parody. WTF. 21. Again with DH; quirky stop-start
noodling then leads to jamming, jazzy part leading to long, DK-esque ranting punk song. 22. Silly
piano/trumpet instrumental outro.

Reviewed by Diego Aguilar

Track Listing
1. Ftw (Trails Of Slime Ep)   12. Day To Day Living / Looney Tunes (Live)
2. Day To Day Living (Trails Of Slime Ep)   13. Last Of The V8 Interceptors (Live)
3. Signal 30 (Trails Of Slime Ep)   14. Whaddaya Say? (Live)
4. Revenge Of The Zombie Sluglords (Trails Of Slime Ep)   15. Thrash With The Girls (Live)
5. Knucklehead (Trails Of Slime Ep)   16. For All (Live)
6. Life Without Justice (Trails Of Slime Ep)   17. Technicolor Yawn (Live)
7. Pussywhipped (Trails Of Slime Ep)   18. Multi-Drone Clones / Killer Satellites (Live)
8. My World (Trails Of Slime Ep)   19. You Know Who You Are (Live)
9. Work For It (Trails Of Slime Ep)   20. Yakety Trumpet (Midnight Hyde St. Sessions)
10. Live To Live, Die To Die (Trails Of Slime Ep)   21. Free Food (Midnight Hyde St. Sessions)
11. I Don't Know (Live)   22. All Things End (Sluglords 2010)