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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2010-09-17
Beyond Istanbul 2
Reviewed by Sadie O., 9/17/10
“Urban Sounds of Turkey” – but not top 40 stuff. First half of comp is pretty Western in sound, with the most Turkish aspect being the language, but then things shift to involve a lot of various Turkish traditional sounds in modern forms. These mashups are far and away the most interesting aspects of the album. Several groups/artists are cult favorites; Ceza and Sultana are the king and queen of Turkish hip hop.
I suspect there are FCCs on some of these tracks, but you’d have to speak Turkish…
I like 2, 6, 7, and pretty much the whole second half of the comp…
1. 5:04 ***whooshes and psychedelia for more than a minute, then downbeat bass & electric guitar. Violin and guitar psychedelia, bit of hyperspeed rap.
2. 2:56 ****Balkan-influenced pop with tight female vocals. Bouncy & fun.
3. 4:52 *downbeat acoustic guitar, keyboards, male vocals – a bit jazzy/soulful, but could be elevator music.
4. 4:00 *moody whistling & piano for 30 seconds, then violins with very slight Turkishness. Very downbeat remake of a Turkish tango song from decades ago. Soprano female vocals and terrible sadness…
5. 3:55 *wistful classical-ish piano. Manly manful vocals, folk song.
6. 3:38 ****self-conscious (but fun) hip hop with bongos. Apparently very left-wing revolutionary stuff.
7. 6:09 ****groovy slinky electronic beat, muffled chanting, then whooshy, gronchy electronic club stuff. Remix of a track from Duble Oryental, which we have.
8. 3:54 *keyboards and spoken word, very downbeat.
9. 4:27 ***disco! High female vocals, apparently Turkish “Goth”. Sounds like disco to me – I kinda like it…
10. 3:44 ***electronics and bits of big drum, breathy female vocals (in English!) – dreamy, hints of Turkitude. The drum is the best part – gets a star for that alone.
11. 3:17 *****indie hard rock with heavy Turkish elements. The tune is convoluted, with lots of percussion. Quite nice.
12. 5:52 ***gutteral yell and Turkish handdrum, subdued folk song (apparently traditionally song in Thrace during the henna ceremony before a wedding to make the bride cry. Ah, folk traditions!)
13. 6:19 ******electronics and random beats, jollied up by lots of cool hand percussion. Adds layers to become something quite bitchen.
14. 3:32 ****quivering, strange energy, very exotic feel. Apparently the “blues” of the Aegean coast of Turkey.
15. 3:55 ****upbeat, very traditional sounding with hand percussion, stringed instrument, female vocals. Apparently a sarcastic song about sex in Turkey in the swinging 60’s. Huh!
16. 3:23 *****mashup of traditional Turkish sounds and scratching, with the very distinctive vocals of Turkey’s hip hop diva.
17. 5:05 ***downbeat unison minor-key chanting – sounds rather ecclesiastic. After 2 minutes gets a sort of slow gypsy groove. “Psychedelic folk”, sung in a non-existant language.
18. 2:56 ****bitchen downtempo hip hop/traditional with keen slide bass – Kurdish. Cool!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Fairuz Derin Bulut & Ceza Zerk-I Ziyan
2. Birkiüç Ilimon Ektim Tasa
3. Orientation Sen Gülünce
4. Sema Hasret
5. Zafer Erdas Karahisar Kalesi
6. Sultan Tunc Deniz Gezmis Oynicam! Featuring Yuzzuf Kenan Billy G.
7. Dj Ipek Ipekcioglu & Dj Pasha Vs. Baba Zula Istanbul Cocuklari
8. Zerk-I Ziyan Fairuz Derin Bulut & Ceza
9. Mira Eve Dönmeliyim Wonderstar (Remix)
10. Norrda Infinite Face
11. Camur Halim Öyle
12. Burcu & Something About Reptiles Yüksek Yüksek Tepelere
13. Osman Ismen Project Sahara Gypsy Song
14. Kirika Kaba Saz
15. Sevil Öztatli Seks Seks Seks
16. Sultana Dibidik
17. Gevende Anonim
18. Bajar Nana