Various Artists / Let's A Go-Go! Singapore And Southeast Asian Pop Scene 1964-69
Album: Let's A Go-Go! Singapore And Southeast Asian Pop Scene 1964-69   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 2010
Label:Silver Tortoise Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2010-09-09
Let’s a Go-Go!
Reviewed by Sadie O., 9/9/10
Just like it says it is – pop from Singapore and Southeast Asia, 1964-69. Collected with enormous devotion by one Sid Presley, Esq. It’s finding stuff like this that makes it possible for me to keep getting up every morning. Great energy, exciting combination of not quite getting it, and getting a great deal of something… I can’t explain, just give it a listen, and be happy forever!
1. 1:59 ****energetic frug with fuzz guitar, sweet vocals.
2. 2:14 ****bass-heavy pony, more sweet female vocals, but with a hint of toughness.
3. 2:58 ***rather psychedelic guitar-based instrumental, odd lack of bottom end (especially after the last track…)
4. 1:48 ***exuberant drum intro, pop with female vocals, goofy male chorus.
5. 2:29 *****(etc) bouncy, poppy, Rockabilly-oid cover (in English) of “These Boots are Made for Walking”. Just awesome.
6. 2:50 ****delightful midtempo instrumental strut with lots of Southeast Asian elements.
7. 2:48 ***downbeat philosophizing in English – think Shondells, but in the garage.
8. 2:09 *****energetic, groovy twist, female vocals in English, almost a hint of Wanda Jackson.
9. 3:27 ****rockin’ blues-rock march, male vocals in English, attitude for days.
10. 2:26 ***quite credible Elvis impersonation. The only problem is that I can’t tell he’s not American…
11. 2:16 ****upbeat surfer stomp instrumental with the slightest tinge of the exotic. The guitarist runs out of ideas before the end, but what the hey…
12. 2:27 *****upbeat instrumental jerk with tremolo, farfisa, and prominent bass. Lovely! This may be good theme music for my show…
13. 3:29 ****extremely treble organ, midtempo pop, male vocals (slightly out of his range), not in English. I admire his willingness to shred his vocal chords for Art. (I gave him an extra star for it…)
14. 2:01 ***midtempo pop in English.
15. 2:35 ****wow, totally untuned… Cover (not in English) of the Beatles tune. Refreshingly naïve, or possibly naively refreshing.
16. 2:18 *****wow… it’s a cover of the Sonny and Cher song alright, but it’s been orchestrated and is now quite… other. Huh! Hey! Gosh!
17. 3:03 ****orchestrated Sam the Sham (instrumental, alas.) Impressive horn section, in it’s own special way. Gloriously horrible guitar solo. What the hell is up with the farfisa? Good lord!
18. 3:24 ***ha ha ha ha ha! Oh dear… Never mind. Ha ha ha ha ha!
19. 2:25 ***weedy surfishness, barely ept. Trying hard, though.
20. 2:32 ****sounds like Mony Mony, but it’s tougher, kinda sorta. Good male garage vocals.
21. 2:10 ****uptempo cover, sweet, earnest female vocals, rockin’ guitar.
22. 2:47 *****(etc) absolutely appalling instrumental cover, with a constipated alto sax taking the place of the vocals. Wow! Why are both covers of this song completely off the charts? Mad!
23. 2:14 *****WHAT THE FUCK? Well… it’s kinda like surf, but crazy. Echo-drenched female vocals, mostly in English.
24. 1:59 *****Very! Happy! Bouncy! March! Female harmonies, rather like J-Pop, only somehow so much more so….
25. 2:31 ****what’s that sound? Wiggly bouncy instrumental with hints of the Exotic and gobs of twang. Modulates in the worst kinda way. Still, I feel like applauding at the end.
26. 2:29 ***garage and angst and deep earnestness.
27. 2:19 ****upbeat pop with a whammy bar and farfisa, male vocals in English.
28. 2:22 ****bouncy little instrumental with FAR. FI. SA. And twang in the second half.
29. 1:21 ******Ack ack ack! I think it may be an advertizing jingle. Makes me happy!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Rita Chao Lonely Heart
2. Dara Puspita A Go-Go
3. Bees, The Flamingo
4. Rita Chao Shake Shake Shake
5. Patrina One To Nine Walkin
6. Hai Fei The Second Spring
7. Dee-Tee's, The Just Because
8. Crescendos, The Mr. Twister
9. Leroy Lindsay And The Mysterians You've Got To Move On
10. Rocky Teoh Mean Woman Blues
11. Blue Beats, The The Girl From Alishan
12. Charlie And His Go-Go Boys Let's A Go-Go
13. M. Ishak Dengan Five-55 Oh! Salina
14. Quests, The The Dancer
15. S.K. Pauline Things We Said Today
16. Betty Chung Bang Bang
17. Charlie And His Go-Go Boys Wooly Bully
18. Lotus Liew Then I Kiss Her
19. Orkes Tropicano Mun Li
20. Ismail Haron & The Guys Sudi Sudi Kah Dikau
21. Lotus Liew Let's Dance
22. Charlie And His Go-Go Boys These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
23. Teresa Khoo You Don't Know Baby
24. Dara Puspita Pip Pip Jeah
25. Spacemen, The Swim Swim Swim (She And I)
26. Click Iv Dan Jaffar-O, The Merindu Kasih
27. Mysterians, The My Girl Les
28. E-Tones Dream Wonder
29. Bonus Track Beli-Lah Susu Chap Junjong (Malay-Tamil-Malay)