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Album: Music For Dreaming And Playing   Collection:General
Artist:Kristin Miltner   Added:Sep 2010
Label:Asthmatic Kitty Records  

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Album Review
Yellow 5
Reviewed 2011-04-01
This album is split into two parts: “Dream,” and “Play.” The Dream section occupies the first four tracks, each of which are much longer than those of the Play section. The Dream section is ambient, while the Play section is far more poppy, has beats, and feels more uplifting and video-gamey. Both sections have their strong points and are both based in glitch and ambient elements, although altogether I think the Dream portion is significantly better than the Play one (unless you’re looking for some beats) because the Play section tends to sound pretty silly at times.

1) (2:00) Dreamy synth chords backed with a soft, swinging beat formed with clicks and taps. Pretty, but not very interesting.
2) * (12:18) Several minutes of beautiful chords fade into a single chord droning and repeating itself, while forming the basis for the interesting, subtle plays with rhythm, timbre, and chord progressions until once again fading into another drone. Slowly, vox become the new basis of the rhythm, drive, and emotion of the song, which finally become apparent near the very end of the song. A very peaceful and thoughtful track--if you choose to play this and don’t want to play all 12 minutes of it, you’re probably okay starting somewhere in the middle, but do make it to the end.
3) (1:25) 1 minute interlude. Not much to see here.
4) ** (7:44) Beautiful song. This incorporates very rapid glitching and skipping, pulsing at every 16th note, but still twinkles beautifully and makes very effective use of stereo sound. Female, choir-like vocals bubble to the top of the mix and form very, very dreamy and euphoric moods. Quite interesting play with rhythm and the tonal qualities of bells, high synth sounds, and ringing.

5) (2:48) Chiptuney, happy-go-lucky breakbeat song. Progresses rapidly but not too chaotically.
6) * (2:31) The beat has some hip hop undertones to it, but it is at its base a glitch/IDM song. Pretty cool track!
7) (1:12) Short, dreamy melody
8) (:35) An equally short, creepy version of the previous track.
9) (1:58) Silly sounding, but has some interesting and cool melodic choices.
10) (1:26) If I thought the last track was silly, this one is even more so. The melody of the previous song seems to be composed of synth interpretations of kittens meowing now, along with cowbells.
11) (1:16) Silly synth melodies again, but less so than the last two tracks. Still not that big of a fan.
12) (:40) Very short, but very dreamy--I really like this track, but it’s very short (like 30 seconds). Kind of like the dreamy sounds right before a Regal Cinemas movie when they tell you to turn off your cell phones, if you remember that sequence.
13) * (3:05) Has a nice trip-hoppy beat and a dark melody. Gives off a cool, but kind of nerdy feel.

Track Listing
1. Melody From Dream   7. Aquarium
2. Altamont Pass   8. Dirty Aquarium
3. Woke Up At 4am Electrified, Bright Moon Out The Window   9. Space Shooter: Boy Avatar
4. Dreaming Longing   10. Space Shooter: Boy Avatar
5. Inchworm In Bitcrunch Garden   11. Main Menu Music
6. Adventure Platformer   12. Space Dream Main Menu Music
  13. Firefly's Flight Game Music