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Count Your Loves, Edge Of Extremes

Album Reviews
Kyle Vandenberg
Reviewed 2011-02-01
Clubfeet: Gold On Gold Mixing of dance synths and acoustic piano in the vein of Deadmau5, but more melodic and less frantic. Mainstream-ish vocals (sometimes reminiscent of the Killers’ Day and Age album) and incorporation of more typical instruments. FCC clean. Try 1, 2, 7, but all of this album is solid and enjoyable!
1) Simple vocals, alluring synths, a steady beat, and a cool guitar line all layer nicely.
2) Deadmau5-ish synths with Phoenix-like vocal sound.
3) A cautionary message set to an upbeat track.
4) Striking bass piano chords
5) Melancholic synths and piano, with deliberately slow vocals.
6) Upbeat track, cynical lyrics.
7) Soft start, gradually building up in piano riffs.
8) Enticing backup vocals, simple yet poignant synth melody.
9) A hopeful piece, with heartening guitar and Killers-like vocal harmonies.
10) Panoramic synths encompass the listener.
11) Tries a little bit too hard to be a passionate dance hit, but still fun.
12) This remix just adds a little bit of depth and sound to track 9, improving it in my opinion.
Kyle Vandenberg
Kyle J
Reviewed 2010-10-18
Gold on Gold - Clubfeet

A mellow album for the most part that's a little reminiscent of passion pit vocally. Some of the lyrics are cheesy and over done, but over all it's a fun album to play with.

Favorites: Edge of Extremes (1), Fall From Up Here (5), Say Something (8), Brightlightsbigcity (10),Pull it Together Remix (12)
1. Edge of Extremes - A very mellow bassline with
some piano and electric sounds slipped in bit by bit to increase the mood. Soft vocals resonate throughout the track.
2. Last Words - Beat is soft but forcefully drives
forward. Very synth heavy. Some interesting drums are peppered in to spruce up the track.
3. Teenage Sucidie (Don't Do It) - The chorus is
the title chanted in a call an answer format. It gets old after about the third time. Mellow vibe continues.
4. Count Your Lovers - Some hollow overtones in addition to some drum beats make this one of the more interesting tracks. Some echoed call outs are interesting.
5. Fall From Up Here - Heavy synth overtones and tribal drums make this a very atmospheric track.
6. D.I.E. Yuppie Scum - Xylophone and up-tempo synth create an airy feel to an interesting vocal track. A nice listen.
7. Six Days - Piano and synth lead to a very cool
track. Kick drums give the track a bit more energy.
8. Say Something - Song has a bubble gum poppy feel initially.This quickly drops into a mellow, SNES type groove in the background.
9. Pull it Together - Vocalist tries to do a lot on this track and succeeds at very little. It's all over the place stylistically and leads to a confused mood at times. Works to some degree towards the middle.
10. Brightlightsbigcity - Driving groove and a literally 'big city' feel on this track. Maintains an atmospheric overtone.
11. Broken Hearted - Starts out with a synthy groove that breaks down about 2 minutes in and picks back up after some dead noise and vocals. Gradually builds to the tempo at the beginning.
12. Pull it Together (MTV Fanwalk Remix) - A much more uptempo guitar heavy remix of track 9. A welcome change of pace.

Track Listing
1. Edge Of Extremes   7. Six Days
2. Last Words   8. Say Something
3. Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)   9. Pull It Together
4. Count Your Loves   10. Brightlightsbigcity
5. Fall From Up Here   11. Broken Hearted
6. D.I.E Yuppie Scum   12. Pull It Together