Trans Am / Thing
Album: Thing   Collection:General
Artist:Trans Am   Added:Aug 2010
Label:Thrill Jockey Records  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-08-22
Electro New Wavey space rock from a band who’ve been doing this for, oh, twenty years. Holy Fuck meets New Order or thereabouts. This is their first record since 2007’s Sex Change, which I listened to on loop for, let’s call it several weeks. This one is harder and darker (and hella glitchy!) and has way fewer vocal tracks (when vocals do happen, they happen through a vocoder). I wish Space Mountain would take out their chizzy music and play this in the wait line instead.

try: 8, 2, 9, 12
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1. 1 min track. 20 sec of wind effects and gear-up. sterile flight announcer voice and more effects. futuristic airport, etc. some synth towards the end.
*2. dark and slick. hard drums and super-synthy guitar (or is it rockish synth?). creepy vocals played as choral chords.
3. funky beat and playful synth blowouts. dark and dancey. no vox. abrupt end.
4. 1 min track. light and thready high-pitched flute-like synth.
5. big fat glitchy synth/bass. loose cymbals. this track drops orbs of sound like rocks in... something that’s gonna ripple. not yr abs.
6. dripping water/well/cave sound effects. explodes into fast drums and messy metalish feedback about 1:00 in. washy/speedy/crazed electric guitar solo... that goes on and on. but: nice cool-down at the end. play if your set needs a good 5 minutes of grah.
7. 1 min track. warbly space synth and loose loud cymbals. ends with heavy breathing.
*8. glitchy funky jerky dancey hilarity. nice layered delays (a la ‘i ran’ by a flock of seagulls). ends with junior-boysy whispered vox.
*9. live drums... maybe. melodic pinbacky riff on what could be a real electric guitar. vocoder. warm and laid-back sound. synth root notes kick in at the end. fades out early.
10. jangly acoustic guitar. busy climbing bass. sprinkly bellsy overtones. hypnotic loop. could pass for prog.
11. 1 min track. big sludgy metal bass bombs. thundering reverb.
*12. space balladry. cool hand-drum-like intro... on vibes. bright shiny single-strum guitar. drums come in to clarify the beat, then toy with it. very sailing off into the sunset... in outer space, that is.

Track Listing
1. Please Wait   7. The Silent Star
2. Black Matter   8. Arcadia
3. Naked Singularity   9. Apparent Horizon
4. Thing   10. Interstellar Drift
5. Bad Vibes   11. Maxiumum Yield
6. Heaven's Gate   12. Space Dock