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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-09-08
Really nice mix of a variety of psych, instrumental twang & garage with all the proper elements: fuzz guitars, Theremin, loopy electronics, farfisa, and overall all some really groovy tunes that conjure up images of paisley, op art and Hammer Horror/giallo kinda psych movies (Oh and of course Russ Meyer can’t forget ‘em). All made by Dan Kerrigan (formerly of the equally interesting Spindrift).

Mixes in everything from The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Davey Allen & The Arrows, Arthur Lee’s Love, & even the Stooges.

((((1)))) Slow & slinky, nice mix of fuzz, delay & enticing vocals.
(((2)))) Acoustic then faster and a bit wild.
((((((3)))))) Holy Morricone! Groovy, swirling very 60’s twang & go-go sound.
(((((4)))) Up-tempo and seriously rockin’ mix of the organ and fuzz guitar. Kinda Iggy-soundin’ vocals as well.
((((((5))))) Dark, eh, “psych-noir” twang n’ fuzz galore.
((((6)))) Electronic beat, distorted 80's rock 'ala Jesus & Mary Chain mixed with 60's organ.
((((((((7))))))))) Awesome instrumental with a ton of Theremin, fuzzy guitar harkening back to 70’s giallo movie themes.
((((((8))))) Proggy-jazzy u-turn yet still very much in the B-movie camp.
(((((9)))) All over the place with fuzz guitar, sax, random vocals.
(((((10))))) Straight go-go fuzz groove with plenty of “oooh” and some weird spooky stuff in the middle with overlapping voices at the end.
((((((11)))))) Trippy medieval dark ambient yet still psych? Just listen, alllright?
(((((((12))))))) More fantastic psych-noir rock with some neat percussion.
((((((13))))) Murky, slow guitars, creepy voices in the distance and various somber tones.
(((((14)))))) Slow, swaggery with dual male & female vocals. Plenty more fuzzy/distorted guitars. Nice.
(((15))) Weird throwaway track Stooges-go bonkers psych ?
(((16))) Yep more fuzz, kinda watery sound instrumental. Sounds like several of the earlier tracks played backwards.
(((((((17))))))) Twangy, dusty psych instrumental. organ, tons of reverberations and just all out trippy & awesome sound.
(((18))) Delayed distortion, wah-wah pedals and kinda “off” vocals.
((((19))))) Bassy, big fuzz, “chuck-chuck” strums, more organ and minimal beats.
(((((20))))) Mix of early prog and psych mixed together with a hint of flamenco. Jumps around with the flavors but verrryy nice.
(((21))) Lo-fi psych rumbler. Needs less nasly vox.
(((((22)))))) Great & moody taken on the ‘ol Chopin piece.
(((((23))))) Big shouldered western twang with much moodier and interesting vocals
(((((24))))) Slow, again western fuzz twang that sets the scene for introspection or a montage sequence.

Track Listing
1. Fly Again Alone   13. Something Burning
2. Black Widow   14. The Mill
3. Ergot   15. Death Has Come Between Us (Again)
4. Death Has Come Between Us   16. In The Distance
5. Waves Of Pain   17. Ascending
6. Face   18. Maybe One More Song
7. Teonancatl   19. Prism
8. Fallen   20. The Brook
9. Dog   21. The Builder
10. Descending   22. Prelude In C Minor (Largo)
11. Golgotha   23. Redemption
12. Tenants Of The Swine   24. Gethsemane