Rieman, Eric Glick / Trilogy From The Outside
Album: Trilogy From The Outside   Collection:General
Artist:Rieman, Eric Glick   Added:Jul 2010
Label:Water Goes Into Air Recor  

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The Thrust Required To Hover, In You, I See Your Past Identities
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I Hear You And Pretend Not To Listen

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2011-04-26
Ambient “big empty room” keyboard, noises, effects. Much of this based on rhythms that come from measure-long delay loop. All based on prepared Rhodes 88-key piano, for the most part improvised, some overdubs. “Prepared” means adding “rocks, rubber washers, gaskets, finger puppets… zinc rods… bow” etc. RIYL Robert Rich

Disc 1:
1. Tones pulsing in synchronism with a ticking clock loop, windchimes and a low metallic clunk also echo harmoniously. Good development though overall even in texture, mostly built around the delay loop.
2.A single tone sings in and out, with a little line hum. Various tones layer over. Then a chattering xylophone note and slight dissonant tones, then objects rolling around a tabletop
3.Piano more recognizable here, with metallic rattles for percussion. Good Halloween soundtrack.
4.Wail on a desolate plain, a slow implacable machine, a trial, a reprieve... more of a story.
5.Quiet. Gamelan-like detuned percussion melds into a rolling rhythm under random tones, tinkling piano. Rhythm leaves.
6.Silent intro, 1st minute is barely audible tones/taps. Resolves into a few notes being held while dissonant clear tones dance above. With help of electric piano, reminiscent of out-there jazz- doesn’t last too long. Ends as buzzy industrial drone loop (sounding more like rest of disc), fades to silence.

Disc 2:
1.Tones meld with bowed metallic drones. Long fade to silence.
2.quiet spinning discs, resonant tubes, clear tones
3.somber family of tones, high metallic piano tinkling, full tone drone
4.empty wind and Eastern electric piano with rattle, distant chant-like sounds. Has a sense of melody.
5. Reminds of star spangled banner drawn out thin, wood ratchets, bathing in a temple, being cold with crickets, etc
6.pulsing hum, distant screeches, metallic feedback, submarine pings. Low gamelan

Disc 3:
1. single notes, sparse clusters, with a slow vibrato and plenty of echo. Electric piano apes prog in 2nd half. Musical in an Eno-ambient-freeform way.
2. Music-box dream joined by forwards & backwards electric piano. Popsong duration.
3. Metallic inside-the-piano rattling turns into a circular hypnotic rhythm with minimalist additions. Transforms into dissonant jumble of mid-high electric piano.
4. Cool creak/screeches, warm feedback hums. Turns into rumblings and distorted notes are reminiscent of borborygmi (tummy music). Then tentative scratching, taps, interference tones, music box, rainstick… One of the more sonically interesting pieces.
5. Hornlike drone and tinkling piano. The hornlike continues to herald under ominous tones and trills, bass tones, full.
6. Quiet intro to a buzz, taps, tinkles, sine tones. Refines into a monotone drone then quiet prog electric piano. Reduces to taps and bell. “Pure”

Track Listing
1. In You, I See Your Past Identities   10. Allomorph
2. Forgotton Assumption   11. Klein Bottle
3. Turnbuckle   12. Aliquot
4. Light's Perspective   13. Inverting The Sphere
5. I Hear You And Pretend Not To Listen   14. Recognition Of Faces
6. In You, I Recreate My Self   15. Trilobite
7. Animist   16. The Thrust Required To Hover
8. Sound's Perspective   17. Ammonoid
9. Not Prophecy   18. Inverting Perspective