Mates Of State / Crushes - The Covers Mixtape
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Artist:Mates Of State   Added:Jul 2010

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-09-28
Covers record. Vibe-and-echo-drenched indie pop by husband-and-wife duo splitting duties on vox, glock, electric organ and synth. Known for jolty and jittery arrangements, sweeping sky-high harmonies, and a soft-electro bent a la Death Cab. Put simply, everyone who knows them loves them. This is not a great album by any stretch, but you’ve gotta love a covers tape that kicks off with Laura and closes with True Love Will Find You In The End. Married people!

try: 3, 10, 2, 7, 8
FCC: 1 (recommended for safe harbour)

1. FCC “bitch” (girls) funky laid-back piano-laden. sweet pop bass. great undersea vibe. the original is great. this is better. take the time to play this if you’re SH-clear.
*2. (the mars volta) scary & squiggly. heavy haunted house bass, ramshackle keys and high-pitched male vox. ends with very pretty harmonies.
*3. (belle & sebastian) melancholy, achey, sweet. very true to the original. acoustic guitar & tambourine, with a full band sound. trumpet! god damn, how did they make this song even sadder. i wonder if alan thinks this sounds like beck.
4. (death cab) slowish, windy, keys-and-echoes. very lullaby-esque.
5. (tom waits) big fat blow-out lead guitar & enormous “yeah” ruddering. not upbeat, not mellow. determined drums. huge sound.
6. (nick cave) super-exposed upfront male vox (later, chick harmonies) over drony echoey organ. slow.
*7. (fleetwood mac) WTF?! industrial percussion and scattershot bubbly funky keyboard beat. slower, groovy, happy, relaxed. i like this a lot. VERY different from the original. not as good as the tonic cover of same, but hey.
*8. (vashti bunyan) sounds a lot like via audio. delicate airy chick vox, slow light through-a-cassette piano and shakers. chilly, spooky, pretty. ends with doubled child vox.
9. (dear nora) heavy fluttery circular pedal-on piano (i’m seriously hearing the piano duel in who framed roger rabbit). arching and melodramatic.
*10. (daniel johnston) upbeat handclappy drum machine and hella-vibed keyboard. sounds like, of all things, death cab. or something off the pokemon soundtrack.

Track Listing
1. Laura   6. Love Letter
2. Son Et Lumiere   7. Second Hand News
3. Sleep The Clock Around   8. 17 Pink Sugar Elephants
4. Technicolor Girls   9. Roller Coaster Ride
5. Long Way Home   10. True Love Will Find You In The End