Berne, Alexander / Abandoned Orchestra: Alexander Berne Composed And Performed By Alexander Berne ,

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Add Date: 2010-07-04 Pull Date: 2010-09-05 Charts: Classical/Experimental
Week Ending: Aug 1 Jul 25
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1. Dec 31, 2015: In Your Ear Radio | 2nd-last radio, 9A-2P @kzsu.
3. Jul 25, 2010: the velvet futon
2. Jun 30, 2015: In Your Ear Radio | Dead, Gratefully Well
Chronicles3, Plumescent
4. Jul 24, 2010: lost and found

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-07-01
Isolationist electoracoustic postethnic otherworldy orchestral composition. Warm, warbly, western twangy drony composition meets eastern twangy drony music. Two new wind instrumets are featured, the Trioudlaphone on track 5, and the sadukini on track 2. Berne play the sax with much more of a classical and eastern approach than a jazzy approach.

1- slow risnig gorgeous warm sunrise intro, hand drums, tabla, liquid eastern feel

2- gorgeous airy atmosphere sprayed with the sounds of the Saduk in the opening and closing. a gorgeous piece, the chronicles track.

3- cluttered, funky jazz break. only track with samples and loops. ultra high quality trip hop interlude.

4- sparse, moany abandoned and isolated piece, slow, drony, gorgeous, my favourite

5- jammin eastern melodies on the Trioudlaphone

6- gorgeous, thick slow, tom pulse, gamelan rattling wtfscape

7- huge wall of sound, warm relaxing inviting folk noise

Track Listing
1. Plumescent   4. Kenosis
2. Chronicles3   5. Najash
3. Lustening   6. Arise
  7. Auriga