Guinea Worms / Sorcererers Of Madness - (4rd Year In A Row!)
Album: Sorcererers Of Madness - (4rd Year In A Row!)   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Guinea Worms   Added:Jun 2010
Label:Columbus Discount Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-07-02
Loud, charged up garage punk/lo-fi rawk, weirdo pop and related sounds from . Nothing fancy just guitars, bass, vocals, drums some occasional sax, keyboards, etc. 21 tunes from the G.Worms career (so far) from 2001-2009. The Guinea Worms are Will Foster and a variety of his fellow Ohioans backing him up. The title's a reference to Sabbath's "A National Acrobat".

(((1)))) “Doot-dooting” loud rhythm, push-pull tempo not far from The Cows.
(FCC “SHIT” sung twice)
(((2))) Bassy, loose groove with weirdo-nutjob vocals & girly chorus that goes “nah-naa”.
(((3))) (FCC “Fuck” sung once) Folksy, odd drunky Elvis-y loose rock?
(((4))) More very weird drunk rock. I don’t get it.
((((5)))) Ramblin’ country-folk rock wreck like a drugged out Sebadoh jammin’ on a porch in the Carolinas.
((6)) Uninspired twangy slow punk/rawk like a lazy Jesus Lizard.

(((1))) Slow oddly reggae tempo, bassy, rambling vocals/lyrics then a new wavey rollout.
((((2)))) Airy – vocals + bass and a smidge of guitar. Then builds into a nice loud vs. quiet moody rock tune.
((((3)))) Classic punk tone, mid-pace swaggery tempo, kinda like an Americanized version of The Fall. Lots of well-played repetition and refs to Frank Lloyd Wright.
((((4)))) More Fall-like rumble & bassy rock n’ repetition. Nice guitar tone, too. Brilliantly “stoopid rawk damage.

((((1)))) Shouted pop with piano. Swinging tempo and loud vocals again conjuring Couch Flambeau – Midwestern weirdos think alike. Only problem is the dragged out chorus.
(((((2)))) Rockin’ riff, near shouted vocals, nice guitar tone, more punky this time out.
((3)) Sharp tuned guitar & junky tempo/vocals. It’s way too lazy sounding, garage wreck & a lot less rock/rawk.
(((4))) Very weird “circus pop”/new wave (?) with demented lyrics about the BTK Killer.
(((5))) Slow & fuzzy riff – twangy loud rock. Not bad.

((((1)))) Fast, simple distorted punk + to the point.
(((2))) (FCC “Shit” sung once.”Fuck” sung 3x). Loose & swaggery, nicks the main riff to Pink Floyd’s “Money” then straight up garage-rock twang & back.
(((3))) (FCC “Shit”sung once) Slow, keyboard doo-doot lo-fi pop thing with Thurston Moore/Sebadoh type of vocals
(((4))) Weird, melted down loony rock with demented circus-like tempo. Seems like its something that Crispin Glover would sing about (“Zingers” that is).
(((5))) VERY stripped down, bassy new-wave-ish “goof rock” with a ton of repetition. Rather late 80’s weirdness like Dead Milkmen, Couch Flambeau, Big Stick and the like.
((((6))))) Nice acoustic guitar interlude.
((7)) 1-2 beat and a ton of distortion & insane repetition & a bunch of stuff that makes no sense.

Track Listing
1. Bugged   12. Bbq
2. Drunk In Yr. Uggs   13. Maggot Therapy
3. Accidental Space Tourist   14. B.T.K.
4. Lounge Waltz   15. Oliver Reed
5. Kick In The Door   16. Haymaker
6. Come Here Baby   17. Taking Lives
7. Afterhour Party   18. Apples In The Oatmeal
8. Never Giving Up   19. Zingers
9. B.I.S.I.   20. I'm Taken
10. Sex Against A Wall   21. Greater
11. The Trail   22. Lafeyette