Lidell, Jamie / Compass
Album: Compass   Collection:General
Artist:Lidell, Jamie   Added:May 2010
Label:Warp Records  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-11-06
Whoa. White boy, soul pipes, jazzy bluesy r&beezy not-quite-radio-ready fun & complex bizarro pop. I know, Maroon 5 et al, but this sounds more like Parliament-Funkadelic than anything I’ve run across in a while. I guess because the instrumentation and arrangement is so out there. Songs rarely stay in genre for more than a minute at a time. Overall: tight, cool, supa chill. God damn, this kid has been listening to a lot of Prince. Funky as hell!

try: 11, 2, 5, 7
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1. laid back beatboxing & naked vox... segues to fat synth r&b. can fade at 12 sec to end.
*2. ice cold! computer-warped vox over shrilly keyboard electro and sidewindy croony ‘ooh’s. cool, cool, cool.
3. slow smooth r&b croonsies. bloopy sludgy synth & keys. long fade.
4. ruddery purring scat and trashcanny drums. cute & smart. big quick synth bursts. holy hell, snatches of girl sex moans.
*5. funky sesame street flute & girly callbacks. there’s a little jackson five going on here.
6. downtempo honky jazzy beatboxxxy horn & piano. sludgy swampy funk bass.
7. upfront vox over barbershop bops. cut to hard sharp drums and blow out jagged garagey guitar-n-bass. on the fast side. super angular. early fade.
8. ~9 sec warm up. slowish spare effectsy keyboard. relaxed r&b.
9. mid/slow muddy bass & crisp crackling vox. shimmery cute-sexy. bellsy keys. long fade.
10. soft music box start. (or just start :37 sec in) slowish croony fingerpicky cheesy love song. gets funky at the end, but has to, you know, weather the rest of the song to get there.
*11. ayoh! supa-cool percussion & deep diggery riff. like prince, but awesomer. sleeeeek. some dark synth, too.
12. heavy, downbeat, pompy. hella angry sax. horns and low-reg piano.
13. slowww twangy chugger. black keys balladry.
14. slow to warm up. some tape hiss & heavy separation single-note piano. wavery thin croony vox. slow warm choral chords. the end sounds like a respirator clicking off.

Track Listing
1. Completely Exposed   8. I Can Love Again
2. Your Sweet Boom   9. It's A Kiss
3. She Needs Me   10. Compass
4. I Wanna Be Your Telephone   11. Gypsy Blood
5. Enough's Enough   12. Coma Chameleon
6. The Ring   13. Big Drift
7. You Are Waking   14. You See My Light