Triptykon / Eparistera Daimones
Album: Eparistera Daimones   Collection:General
Artist:Triptykon   Added:May 2010
Label:Century Media  

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A Thousand Lies
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-05-09
Doomy & often CRUSHING Metal made by one of the GODS- guitarist/vocalist - Tom. G. Warrior (Hellhammer/Celtic Frost). Triptykon is his new band after the ugly breakup of Celtic Frost in ’08. This continues from the last ( & very doomy) album by Celtic Frost Monotheist but there’s at least 2 fast moments and other twists & turns. Hugely recommended. ALSO, if you DON’T know the work of Tom G. Warrior – start NOW! (And really you CAN’T say you like Metal without owning at LEAST 2 Celtic Frost & Hellhammer records). Bonus points for having renowned occult/fantasy artist H.R. Giger do the artwork.

(((((1))))) Moody intro, then oddly & awesomely recants the classic super-down tuned riff from Hellhammer’s “Triumph of Death”. Then fast to doomy, bangin’ Metal with a great chorus & classic vocals. Quite an epic.
((((2)))) Doomy & very moody & extremely riffy. Vocals have some great emphasis on words and phrases. Lots of resonation & feedback near the end.
(((((3)))) Another moody intro, mellow but very dark & then big modern riffing and
((((4)))) Short, strange &dark interlude very much like the classic Celtic Frost days.
((((((((5)))))))) Fast & pummeling. All it’s missing is an “Ouhhhhh!” .Very pissed off lyrics (maybe about an ex-bandmate?) then gets a bit mid-tempo around 3:15 mark.
(((((((6)))))))) Lunging DOOM Metal with a TON of bombast then throws a curve at 6:34 and we THRASH!
(((((7))))) More dark rock with judding riffs in the back then goes back into a Doom Metal vibe an eventually to the timeless TG Warrior style. Strange piano bit then back yet again.
((((8)))) Mellow keyboards & sparse beats (trip-hop sounding even) with gothic female & male vocals. Better than it sounds on paper though a teensy saccharine.
(((((9))))) Slow reverberating guitars bookending the intro. Extremely downtuned & super-low vocals. Make way for the severely EPIC DOOM onslaught!

Track Listing
1. Goetia   5. A Thousand Lies
2. Abyss Within My Soul   6. Descendant
3. In Shrouds Decayed   7. Myopic Empire
4. Shrine   8. My Pain
  9. The Prolonging