Iggy And The Stooges / Raw Power - Legacy Edition
Album: Raw Power - Legacy Edition   Collection:General
Artist:Iggy And The Stooges   Added:May 2010
Label:Sony Music  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-05-29
Hell-it’s the Stooges their last (proper) album from 1973 with a remastered version of the original David Bowie mix. Truth in advertising especially on the title track (even if it was once used for a fuckin Nike commercial). The guitar tone of James Williamson is rough & sharp gives the tunes their punch as does Iggy’s wild vocals. Disc 2 is a fairly wild show they did in Atlanta towards the end of their (original) run. You should know & own this record if you give a shit about rock n’ roll.

((((((1))))))))Wild & wailing guitar, iconic vocals/lyrics that helped lay the groundwork for the Punk Rock of the latter part of the decade.
((((((2))))) Acoustic, moody with brooding vocals yet Williamson still wails a bit on this. Proto-punk ballad? Yeah why not?
((((3)))) Raw & stripped down to the utmost tune with very basic rhythm.
((((4)))) Great guitar & bass sound but Iggy’s obsess vocals drag a bit.
(((((((5))))))) Bassy, piano and a solid 1-2-3 tempo. Super catchy vocals/verses.
(((6))) Stumbling sorta bluesy acoustic number. Weirdly reminds me of a weaker Alice Cooper tune of the same era.
((((7)))) Big, simple hand claps & basic riffs. Great vocals from Iggy that do a lot with very little.
((((((8)))))) Burly rhythm and fantastic guitar tone & wailing.
Iggy & The Stooges Disc II

(1) Pointless intro of crowd noise
(((2)))Chaotic start with Williamson’s guitar cutting in & out, piano and Ron Asheton’s bass overpowering nearly everything.
(((3))) (AT THE END - FCCs “fucking” “shit” “suck my ass” all in the intro) Boring Doors-like jam then Iggy nearly gets in a fight.
((((4)))) Slow & strummy with some nice bursts of guitar & very nice bass tone. @ 7:34-7:57 overly long intro to…
((((((5)))))) Completely AWESOME live version BUT 4:33-7:22 STUPID DRUNKS TALKING & Iggy mocking them, FCC “suck my ass” said once during this bit
(((6))) Big, loud & swaggery version. Song itself ends at 5:53.
(((7))) Odd very 70’s blues rock tune. Nothing too special other than it has a few of the same chords as that Led Zep “Walking in the Park one day” tune. Song ends at 6:19. Then more drunk idiots & Iggy deals with ‘em. Runs WAY too long.
(((8))) PLAY ONLY IN SAFE HARBOR-AFTER 10PM! Fast & pretty rockin’ tune but really more of a throwaway tune than anything.
(((9))) Downer-rock tune with harmonica. Song ends at 10:10. Not bad but goes on FOREVER.
(((10))) Good jam but Iggy’s improve goofy vocals almost ruin it. It’s like he’s channeling the “Chaka” character from the 70’s kid’s Danger Island. Too much coke, Ig.
((((11)))) Raw rehearsal with solid guitar tone, piano & Iggy’s vocals come across really well.

Track Listing
1. Search And Destroy   10. Raw Power
2. Gimme Danger   11. Head On
3. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell   12. Gimme Danger
4. Penetration   13. Search And Destroy
5. Raw Power   14. I Need Somebody
6. I Need Somebody   15. Heavy Liquid
7. Shake Appeal   16. Cock In My Pocket
8. Death Trip   17. Open Up And Bleed
9. Introduction   18. Doojiman
  19. Head On (Rehearsal Performance)