Unkle / Where Did The Night Fall
Album: Where Did The Night Fall   Collection:General
Artist:Unkle   Added:May 2010
Label:Surrender All  

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Album Review
tony echo*
Reviewed 2010-09-22
UNKLE - Where Did The Night Fall

First reaction: UNKLE is still around?!?!?! This is a solid effort, and you’ll like it if you’ve embraced the reality that there will never be another Psyence Fiction. Predictably, the CD features a bunch of guest stars, although these are more of the pscyh- and indie-rock variety vs. the electronic collaborators in previous albums. Lots of songs about heartbreak which are alternately forlorn, dreamy, or ever-so-slightly raging.

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1. 0:41 Nice intro, rising synth chimes with Southern-hemisphere-esque synth horns. Good for a short voice-over for rpm-oriented shows.

2.** 4:23 Features SF psychedelic band Sleepy Sun. Fem vox are always assertive and compelling, sometimes screaming and wailing, like a (relatively) happier PJ Harvey or Kim Deal (Pixies/Breeders). Danceable, driving mid-tempo drum machine beat that MGMT wishes they could steal.

3.* 4:11 low-fi instrumentation and distorted male vox make for a retro-garage rock jam a la The Strokes (and similar) but MUCH less kitschy. You close your eyes and you are in a sweaty DIY space in West Oakland, dancing amid ironic t-shirts and PBR tallboys. Then, halfway through, they decide they want to noodle out a bit more, and the guitar gets a bit more jangly/surfy/New Wave-esque, which is also fun but kills the mood a bit. (features The Black Angels)

4.* 3:59 somewhat dreamy, lighter in mood than #2, beats are funky while a bit sedate. Dreamy synth sounds, ethereal fem vox with male background on chorus. By this point I imagine this is a staple on KCRW’s “eclectic” shows. (features Autolux)

5. 4:41 down-tempo, somewhat orchestral indie rocker a la The Flaming Lips. Male vox are stripped-down in the verses while the chorus sounds like a male, um, chorus. Real drums play a marching beat. (features Big in Japan)

6.** 4:53 opens with a Cure-esque riff that persists through the song. Quite pleasing. Lightly distorted fem vox with up/mid dance beat.

7. 5:49 down-tempo indie rocker with live drums, scattered tribal percussion, male vox. Somewhat boring.

8. 1:13 dreamy, synth keys, heavily distorted male vox, no percussion

9.* 5:08 psychedelic fem vox, synth keys, live-sounding drums, “spiritual”. More of a head-nodder than a dancer. Beats somewhat like New Order, etc.

10. 4:30 mid-tempo. dark synth keys, funky drum loops, generic distorted male vox. A middling, poor man’s Underworld song.

11. 3:46 mid-tempo tribal rhythm, synth keys, somewhat dark. Sounds like some of the earlier DJ Shadow stuff.

12.* 4:21 mid-tempo, distorted male vox, relatively upbeat mood compared to rest of CD. Dramatic chords and funky keys here and there.

13. 4:27 slow-to-mid, epic, dark yet uplifting (is that possible?). emotional male vox recall Stone Temple Pilots. live percussion - drums, vivid tambourine

14. 5:12 slow with minimal percussion. stripped-down sound with acoustic-esque guitar, epic strings, piano, asstd keys. gritty male vox are overwhelmed in parts by the strings.

Track Listing
1. Nowhere   8. Heavy Drug
2. Follow Me Down   9. Caged Bird
3. Natural Selection   10. Ablivion
4. Joy Factory   11. The Runaway
5. The Answer   12. Ever Rest
6. On A Wire   13. The Healing
7. Falling Stars   14. Another Night Out