Various Artists / Henry "Junjo" Lawes - Volcano Eruption
Album: Henry "Junjo" Lawes - Volcano Eruption   Collection:Reggae
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2010
Label:Vp Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2010-04-29
Henry Junjo Lawes – Volcano Eruption
Reviewed by Sadie O., 4/28/10
Roots Rock Reggae meets early dancehall. Junjo was a sound-system style producer when the sound system was really taking off (early 80’s). Unlike the electronic trend that Dancehall followed later, he used a great studio band (Roots Radics) for his riddims, giving them a lot of richness. The first CD is singers, the second is toasters. Everything is redolent of the sound system dance vibe, which is great. We used to call it a rub-a-dub stylee, and it got a lot of people pregnant, me a tell de I…
No overt FCCs detected. It’s all well worth playing. Check CD 2, track 6.
CD 1
1. 3:35 ***midtempo one-drop, strictly nice up de dance.
2. 3:09 **pretty, relaxed skank with melodica, sweet vocals (apparently before Levy developed his distinctive vocalizations.)
3. 3:22 ***downtempo rub-a-dub stylee boasting from the ultimate ladies man.
4. 4:26 ***downtempo stepping razor skank, great music.
5. 3:31 ***downtempo one-drop with shaker impersonating helicopter, sad story about herb hunters.

6. 3:20 **downtempo, very sweet vocals from a one-time leader of Black Uhuru. Alarming bits of syndrum.
7. 6:06 ***downtempo dub with rain forest sounds, strange vocals. Inscrutable and stoned as hell. Includes excellent dub version.
8. 4:14 **jaunty little skank, light and pretty, hyper-vibrotoed vocals.
9. 3:26 **downtempo bubble, perfectly off-key vocals.
10. 3:06 ****swingy boppy, dubby groove, pretty vocals from a great singer who died much too young.
11. 3:18 **I’m sure these lyrics are not intended to be this funny… Nice skank.
12. 3:17 ***adorable keyboard line – sounds like “Spanish Harlem”, sweet bubble. Basically, the message is that there are plenty of girls to go around…
13. 4:11 ****classic number, slow one-drop with great vocal harmonies.
14. 3:36 *****Oh my! Talking drum, 3 blind mice, and yodeling! Fabulous!
15. 4:53 ***jaunty, upbeat, midtempo bubble. Includes space age dub.
16. 3:15 ****a bit of Norwegian Wood, then midtempo harmonies in praise of a name for pot I’d actually never heard before…
17. 2:56 **sweet, cleanly produced rub-a-dub.
18. 3:34 ***familiar midtempo riddim with little in the way of chord changes, sweet singing.
19. 3:08 **midtempo bubble, amusing boasting, some falsetto vocals.
20. 6:46 ***downtempo, sweet harmonies, sad song. Includes bizarre version.
CD 2
1. 4:21 ***toast intro, same riddim as CD 1 track 13, very steady toasting, random subject matter. Sound System dance noises.
2. 3:06 ***same riddim, dem bones toast, dubby.
3. 3:36 ***chuckle, then midtempo dubby one-drop, echo-laden vocals. Big hit for Yellowman.
4. 3:37 **midtempo skank, goofy toast (apparently about Hula Hoops?).
5. 3:37 **midtempo simple 4/4 skank, incrutable toast until he gets to the quickie Bible stories.
6. 5:33 ************Eeek at his eekiest. Yay! Includes dub version with lots of horns.
7. 6:00 ****nutty vocal interchange intro, then very slow skank, crazy toast duet about “duppies” (ghosts) – wild stuff, big hit. Includes dubby version with lots of syndrum and spooky noises.
8. 3:12 ***midtempo bubble, nice toast about fish.
9. 3:03 **dubby downtempo skank with horns, sweet-voiced toast.
10. 3:25 ***midtempo bubble, toast about pot. Gets pretty seriously nutted.
11. 4:40 ***rather downtempo skank, fairly straightforward sound system dance-style toast.
12. 3:53 ****Eeek’s massive cross-over hit, a bit downtempo, sweet love song delivered in inimitable style.
13. 3:53 *****classic early dancehall – two toasters in unison, lots of goofy dancehall vocalization, almost completely inscrutable lyrics.
14. 3:36 ****same riddim as track 1, and CD 1 track 13, extremely odd lyrics (if you wear jewelry, it seems, you are asking to get elephantitis…)
15. 3:20 **midtempo bubble, competent enough toast.
16. 3:01 ***jaunty midtempo dubby skank, slightly odd toast.
17. 4:48 ****gotta love the song title! A Yellowman classic.
18. 4:01 ****Aw, a little kid toasting! Actually, he sounds a little scary. Nice dubby midtempo skank. Includes a bit of dub.
19. 3:21 ****Aw, a chick toasting! She sounds a bit hoarse, but she can hold her own with the boys. Very dubby one-drop.
20. 5:55 ****wonky noises intro, slow, dubby one-drop with bits of singing between classic sound system toast. Bit of talk, then a couple of minutes of actual sound system sound, rather fu

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Frankie Paul Worries In The Dance
2. Barrington Levy Prison Oval Rock
3. Leroy Smart I Am The Don
4. Michael Prophet Gunman
5. John Holt Police In Helicopter
6. Don Carlos Hog & Goat
7. Barry Brown Give Another Israel A Try
8. Wayne Jarrett Chip In
9. Junior Reid Lover's Affair
10. Hugh Mundell Jacqueline
11. Johnny Osbourne Ice Cream Love
12. Barrington Levy 21 Girls Salute
13. Wailing Souls, The Fire House Rock
14. Tony Tuff Come Fi Mash It
15. Little John Dancehall Style
16. Frankie Paul Pass The Tu Sheng Peng
17. John Holt Love I Can Feel
18. Cocoa Tea Lost My Sonia
19. Linval Thompson Look How Me Sexy
20. Al Campbell Last Dance
21. Ringo Flash It Inna E
22. Nicodemus Boneman Connection
23. Yellowman Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
24. Josey Wales Woola Woope
25. Early B Bible Story
26. Eek-A-Mouse Anarexol
27. Clint Eastwood & General Saint Two Bad Dj
28. Captain Sinbad Fisherman Style
29. Lee Van Cliff Bam Salute
30. Charlie Chaplin Bubbling Telephone (Chalice)
31. Ranking Trevor Some A Halla
32. Eek-A-Mouse Wa-Do-Dem
33. Clint Eastwood & General Saint Another One Bites The Dust
34. Michigan & Smiley Diseases
35. Toyan Spar With Me
36. Josey Wales Bobo Dread
37. Yelloman Zungguzungguguzungguzeng
38. Billy Boyo Wicked She Wicked
39. Sister Nancy Dance Pon The Corner
40. Toyan How The West Was Won