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Album: New Home   Collection:General
Artist:La Strada   Added:Apr 2010
Label:Ernest Jenning Record Co.  

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Album Reviews
Red West
Reviewed 2011-06-29
Well produced catchy indie pop. Guitar/bass/drums, melodic M main & backing vocals, strings accompany. Songs have generally optimistic music

+1. Happy lyrical upbeat love song, full band, good way to open a CD. Interesting time sig, mostly ¾ with a couple 2/4 measures thrown in.
2. Quieter but not quiet love song, acoustic guitar, single voice, strings. Drums join in after 1st verse. True ¾ time
++3. really catchy pop melody & drumming. Mid-tempo. Unadorned lead vocals, M+F chorus, cute backing instruments and a trumpet lead in the bridge.
4. Fast indie rock/pop, minor key & resolution alternation gives feel of wanting.
+5. Fun accordion intro, chorus. Chanty/circus feel.
+6.fade in from a distance, then gradual increasing in volume, mid-fast
7.mid-fast pop, high vocals, more strings than guitar
+8.Accordian/strings and melodic singing, a little like a lullabye, then last 2 mins loud
+9.loud & noisier than other tracks, fast, with interludes of child’s bells & strings
+10.Single voice, acoustic guitar, violin, ode to a new life.
11.Fast 3/4 time acoustic guitar & single voice, joined by violin
12./ Quiet, dreamy intro. Then mid-tempo pop, a little depressed/wistful
+13.Slow, loping. Story singing with accordion & guitar & violin, a goodbye “I’m leaving” song. In ¾ time but you won’t guess it from the drums.
mr. esq.
Reviewed 2010-06-06
as reviewed by mr. esq. (alex)

la strada is a brooklyn based quartet, and this is
an epic tale of brooklyn put to emo/indypop.
accordian, violins, vibes -ton of instruments.
arcade fire meets modest mouse. crumb of cake.
get's familiarish, but i love it.
FCC CLEAN. I SUGGEST: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
(especially 10=i'm still pacified.), &12.
(note: produced by kyle 'slick' johnson -he did modest mouse,
cymbels eat guitars. released on 4/20. nice.)

*1. acoustic strum, sweet vox, poppy; pretty guitars;
*2. who do the vocals remind me of?...that, that guy...
this is really sweet -'it's just a dream'=dreamy sound
3. britty sounding vocals, real mor sound, then beatles
production; real cool compressed guitar 2/3rds in, w/chorus;
*4. ssudden start! okey, i'm not really scared; romantic vocals;
great beat; modest mouse meets...who am i thinking of?
vampire weekend? who cares=it's great! play it now!
*5. starts w/ accordian! feelin' french!; okey, okey
-i got it!=vocals remind me of cake! and arcade fire.
*6. ah, amore! more amore! strings are sweet uppers.
the more i listen, the more i realize how well
composed the songs are; horns; funkish beats;
crescendo builds; elephant 6 sound ending.
7. accordian ditty,nice end. *8. accodian cometh!
neutral milk hotel w/the standard emo croon of late.
this goes on for a while, then -arcade fire build up drums;
sweet string section; cool guitar, build ups back, and...
9. it bleeds into a dirge; distorted vocals, far offy; oh, come
now=you can't be that depressed when you're in an emo band
and getting that many chicks! (it's still sweet though)
*10. this is really lovely. the vocals, simple guitar, vibes,
violin-just right. the accordian's there to! it's like they're playing
a lullaby at sundown. 11. boring=skip it. *12. dreamy opening
-oh, sing me to sleep, la starda! multi tracked vox; vibes. cakey.
gettin' carribean; cool end. *13. hello accordian, we meet again.

Track Listing
1. Go Forward   7. Where You Want To Go
2. Julia   8. There's Only Love
3. The Traveler   9. The Mountain Song
4. Wash On By   10. The Wedding Song
5. Baptism   11. Shapes In The Sky
6. My New Home   12. Mean That Much
  13. Old Hill