Deadly Syndrome / Nolens Volens
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Artist:Deadly Syndrome   Added:Apr 2010

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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-08-26
The Deadly Syndrome/ Nolens Volens

“ELITE POP” (i.e. mid-tempo rock?)
These guys are GREAT! Very talented group from Los Angeles. They self-produced and have done so very successfully. Recorded in a band member’s house with no insulation, this record sounds clean and professional. Homemade, DIY, done well.
Listen to the interview I did with them for KZSU. Thoughtful lyrics and composition of tracks. Play any, ALL GOOD. some great instrumental gems in here.

FCC on 1. Try: 3, 6, 7, 9, 10

1. FCC “fuck” acoustic, simple, beautiful song 2. Catchy, upbeat, nice piano melody and chords, varying percussive sounds, clean guitar, builds to rich lush instrumental interpretation of the melody with more intense vocals 3. *** beautiful clean electric guitar melody, synth-keyboard accents, charming lyrics, driving drumbeat, catchy, nice guitar solo midway, quiets down at times to pause in almost drone-trance 4. Acoustic guitar, patches of trance-like noises and reverb guitar, metronome sounds, bells, quieter, relaxed instrumental through end 5. powerful guitar melody backed with driving percussion, quieter vocals through end 6. ** quicker paced drumbeat with clean guitar, range of percussive accents, mellow, bells, great variation of tempo, volume levels, interspersion of vocals 7.*** quiet opener, instrumentals, nature sounds, harmonica, stormy sounds 8. Acoustic melody, pretty vocals, electric melody and almost storm sounding patches in background 9. **** this is a beautiful song, clean electric guitar, endearing vocals, lush, hazy backdrop of sound, good percussive variation, mellow bursts into gorgeous explosion of sound with trumpet melody and chorus, last 25 seconds quiet down into static 10. ****7 minute track. Instrumental bliss. slow synth melody, wavering sustains on certain notes, steady drumbeat, builds into plucky acoustic guitar melody, static heavy reverb guitar quiet in background, builds melody lightly into array of twangy twinkly sounds, and then takes off with simple melody- really pretty hazy sunny afternoon section- light “ooh” vocals in background sound, quiets down with sparse ending vocals, very beautiful. quiets, fades down a lot at 20 seconds to end.

Track Listing
1. Villain   6. Deer Trail Place
2. Doesn't Matter   7. Good Morning
3. Wingwalker   8. Trouble Again
4. After Work   9. Armrest
5. Party City   10. Heresy