Rotary Downs / Cracked Maps & Blue Reports
Album: Cracked Maps & Blue Reports   Collection:General
Artist:Rotary Downs   Added:Apr 2010
Label:Rookery Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-08-27
A five piece indie rock band from New Orleans, with a not-often-enough sixth member who softens it up a little with some backup female vocals. Psychedelic pop and gentle male vocals make these snappy and poppy rock songs very easy on the ears. Play this people, it's good. Lots of great tracks on here. Check out 8, 5, 6, 7, 2, 3, ... FCCs 9. -TiSC

1. Ragna Rok - 4:42 - Road rock. Classic rock influences. Edgey and up beat. Snappy guitar riffs. Poppy male vocals. Brian Williams meets Punk.
*2. The Open Coast - 3:56 - Clever and dynamic opening. Mid to up beat pop rock. Gentle male vocals tell a presumably sweet story. Like Barenaked Ladies but with more edge but slightly less clever.
*3. Promised Land - 4:19 - Jamming rock melodies abound. Intriguing, in a good way, male vocals. Snappy rythms.
4. Vampires/Werewolves - 3:38 - Straining guitars, snappy, mid-tempo melodic male vocals. Think They Might Be Giants, mix in an extra dose of rock and a little inner soul searching.
***5. Montrez-Vous - 3:54 - Latin-esque opening, poppy guitars and drums, nice baselines. Fun duet, dance with the devil kind of stuff. Travel, search, rock, repeat. Features slick keyboard solo. Rattle snake. Play this.
**6. Wild Pink In Super 8 - 4:06 - More great indie rock. It moves, you shake, it dodges. Crisp male vocals and melodies. Head bobbing.
**7. A Drink From The Clouds - 4:44 - Airy and spooky opening. Quickly turns to rocking goodness. Clean and tight. This track is solid. Mid to up beat. There are those tender female back ups. Head bobbing.
****8. Black Ops - 3:48 - Noisey VO opening - love that -- Sweet base lines. Very psychedelic up beat pop. VO continues throughout. This song has it going on. Again snappy and tight.
9. FCCs - Bullet On A String - 4:46 - More up beat psychedelic pop meets classic drums and baselines.
10. Random Digs - 4:50 - Slow instrumental opening. Psychedelic jam band style. Dark vocals and guitars. Mid-tempo with cow-bells, so. Goes all Sgt. Pepper at the end. Rad track.
11. Conniption - 3:24 - More up beat psychedelic rock. Goes on and off. Creepy child like vocals. Thematic. Deteriorates into a all out conniption fit.
12. Tall Afar - 3:51 - Spacey, stringy opening. Soft guitars. Mid-up beat. Gets a little more distorted and spacey as it goes.
13. Indian Summer - 5:05 - Distorted poppy melodic guitar opener. Psychedelic story time. Mid-up tempo

Track Listing
1. Ragna Rok   7. A Drink From The Clouds
2. The Open Coast   8. Black Ops
3. Promised Land   9. Bullet On A String
4. Vampires/Werewolves   10. Random Digs
5. Montrez-Vous   11. Conniption
6. Wild Pink In Super 8   12. Tall Afar
  13. Indian Summer