Serena-Maneesh / S-M2: Abyss In B Minor
Album: S-M2: Abyss In B Minor   Collection:General
Artist:Serena-Maneesh   Added:Apr 2010

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Recent Airplay
1. Apr 28, 2011: fake orangeasm (subtitle: conceptually dubious radio)
4. Jun 23, 2010: Brownian Values
Ayisha Abyss
2. Aug 26, 2010: orangeasm
Melody For Jaana
5. Jun 16, 2010: Brownian Values
Melody For Jaana
3. Jun 26, 2010: lost and found
Melody For Jaana
6. Jun 10, 2010: The Value Machine
Magdalena (Symphony #8)

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-04-22
Norwegian shoegazer space psyche drenched in delay. Waaaaay self aware and covered in eyeliner and minor key moody as a winter without any sunlight. This band has a 6'4 femmeviking elvish bassist who can smoke an cigarette in one breath. On this album they ease back on the noise rock a tad, and add a creamier production, more vocal delay, more difficult rhythms, extra goofiness to the mix. Good stuff, but I kind of miss their more raw sound that gave me tinits the night i saw them for the first time (which was incidentally the highest I'd ever been in my life, and involved a 4am grandma, cooked chicken, throwing golf balls of twin peaks and a guy named zelig) A worthy offering at the altar of My Bloody Valentine (and sometimes plagarism), hella good space psychgaze. Fcc clean -brick

1-noise wash intro, fluttery sounds, gives way to urgent dark bass line, hectic drumming, almost like prodigy, and some totally eerie buried indiscernible melodic rising dracula warble. killer echoey vox emerge, and kind of rushes to the end. Ends with some freaky buzzsaw synth groove.
2- sugary shoegaze pop w/ too audible femme vox.
3-dizzying carnival of a fuzzed out woman, reminding me of losing my virginity to my bloody valentine. even ends with a loveless style interlude.
4-i can't believe its not my bloody valentine. gorgeous reverb drenched opium make out ballad. tell your listeners this came from a rare my bloody valentine ep, and they'll believe it.
5- whipsnare & shaker pulsed racing fuzzrock guitar and delay storm to the very end
6-watch the red on the board! crussssssshing low end shoegaze doom plod w/ too tight pants/too little talent/enoughrever vocals
7- pretty femme vox talking so sexy w/ frenetic bongos fuzz and handclaps, pure blisspop brilliance, goofball organ
8-If bert kaemfert met reverb drenched cocteaugaze. Mmm… the bongos and vocal styles on this song are taken directly from the song 'swallow' on the glider ep my my bloody valentine. turns into a looser psyche/space rock groove

Track Listing
1. Ayisha Abyss   5. Blow Yr Brains In The Morning Rain
2. I Just Want To See Your Face   6. Honeyjinx
3. Reprobate!   7. D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D.
4. Melody For Jaana   8. Magdalena (Symphony #8)