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Bad News Baby

Album Review
Abu Ramses
Reviewed 2010-04-18
Goldie Wilson, “Goldie Wilson” (Independent, 2009)
Reviewed by Abu Ramses – All Tracks FCC CLEAN (maybe 2 in safe harbor for theme)

Debut album of Goldie Wilson – a Seattle-based alternative band. Echoes of 60s psychedelic rock harmonies with a Motown groove and garage rock swagger. Tight sound with surf rock vibrato guitar, a wall of backing keys, male/female vocal harmonies, guitar & vibraphone riffs. They claim as influences Bob Dylan, The Zombies, and The Mamas and Papas. Mike Ball (main songwriter, vocals and guitar), Matthew Beck (bass, guitar, mandolin), Yasuyuki Shiji (keyboards, vocals), Garrett Troy (percussion), Rose Bergdoll (vocals).

Try tracks 5, 7, 8, 11

1. Moving On (Hell vs. New Mexico) 1:58 – mid-tempo, nice guitar & vocal harmonies
2. She's Calling the Shots 3:08 – angry rock-song genre, reverb guitar, male/female harmonies, odd chord changes, lyrics: whiskey & coke
3. Pay No Mind 3:09 – driving beat, soaring keyboards, guitar riffs
4. My Head Unwinds 3:15 - over amped bass, retro drum beat
5. 45 RPMs 2:28 – opens with classic rock guitar riff; “Let's dance, come on!”
6. Vivian 3:51 - heavy reverb and echo
7. Victorville 3:54 – Who knows what the lyrics mean? Contrast between softer chorus and more rocky verses. Like something out of Sgt. Pepper
8. Bad News Baby 5:26 – wild guitar and keyboard riffs; a hard driving tune
9. Clementine 4:08 – mid-tempo, layered with sounds of the entire ensemble
10. Starlight Express 3:49 – power of the bass drives the song. Mid-tempos Lyrics about a train ride to Salem (?!). Rose Bergdoll sings “Is she your baby?”
11. Two Star Motels 3:04 - first verse sets up the full band sound well, nice dig guitar solo! Short, brassy, sweet.
12. Don't Press Your Luck 2:58 – B-52s sound
13. Where were you in '62? 2:32 – reverb and tremolo. Beach Boys sound here and there, but there’s more. Mid-tempo
14. Gospel Truth 3:15 - buh-buh-buh vocals in the background create a 60s sound
15. Shuffle 7:59 – down-tempo, bit of a country sound. BEWARE: fades to silence at 2:30 before returning to sound about 6:00.

Track Listing
1. Moving On (Hell Vs. New Mexico)   8. Bad News Baby
2. She's Calling The Shots   9. Clementine
3. Pay No Mind   10. Starlight Express
4. My Head Inwinds   11. Two Star Motels
5. 45 Rpms   12. Don't Press Your Luck
6. Vivian   13. Where Were You In '62?
7. Victorville   14. Gospel Truth
  15. Shuffle