Papakonstantinou, Thanasis / Diaphanous
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Artist:Papakonstantinou, Thanasis   Added:Mar 2010

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360 Km
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Vasilias (King)
2. May 27, 2010: The Knife
Aeriko (Thinner Than Air)
5. Apr 15, 2010: orangeasm
Stin Ameriki (In America), Aeriko (Thinner Than Air)
3. May 15, 2010: Music Casserole
Aeriko (Thinner Than Air)
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Vasilias (King)

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-03-09
Amazing Greek folk-rock. Mixes elements of Greek and Balkan traditional music together with some western influences in a beautifully seamless way. Does not shy away from some noisiness and experimentation. Vocals by different people, including Thanasis himself, Malamas, and Martha Fritzila . Thanassis is one of the most prolific and talented artists in Greece right now and he has quite an interesting story, starting out as a student in electrical engineering, writing songs for other more well known artists, such as Sokratis Malamas, and then stepping into the spotlight of the Greek music scene about ten years ago. Indie rock kids: listen to this if you want to see where your Beiruts are taking their cues from. Excellent!

Picks: 3, 8, 6, 12, 7, 9, 11, 13

1. Pretty dramatic intro, with vocals by Malamas, and horn crescendo.
2. Sultry, and waltzy, almost latin-sounding, with Martha Fritzila's beautiful voice.
***3. Scattered samples from Elia Kazan's movies, standard Greek rhythm with toubeleki drumming, bouzouki, and guitar. Lyrics about Greek immigrants coming to the States, and their desperation. I adore this song.
4. Whimsical song, in fact quite silly sounding, quite a contrast from the first three tracks. Thanasis' voice is awesome!
5. Waltz rhythm made out of a sound collage of fly sounds (?!?) and a melody close to Ravel's bolero. Interesting.
**6. Yeah, this is Greek party music. To a non-Greek this might actually sound close to klezmer in a way, or rather Balkan Gypsy music. Lyrics about a neighborhood hairdresser.
*7. Baglama and hassaposerviko rhythm. What a nice song!
***8. Slow, thoughtful ballad, exquisite lyrics (wish you guys understood Greek) about how the mind and our imagination cannot be imprisoned by any wordly jail, great vocals, mournful but beautiful.
*9. Starts as a sorrowful guitar-based ballad, centered around Martha's awesome voice, gets more energetic midway through.
10. Modem sound intro, Greek TV ad samples, electronic background beat, pretty weird
*11. Slow folky ballad, vocals by Malamas, a very sweet song about the Greek countryside
**12. Beautiful lullaby, again angelic female vocals, gets slightly noisy towards the end
*13. Upbeat folk song, about this drunk dude who is super excited about eating cow-head soup (kind of like a mexican menudo, or tripe soup). Backing choir and lots of people playing all sorts of weird percussive instruments. Weird, silly piano ending. BEWARE, SONG ENDS @-9:15, and hidden song starts @-3:10, studio outtake with all the musicians being silly (and quite possibly very high).
14. No track here, 6 empty seconds (sounds like a bad CD cut, should have been previous track)

Track Listing
1. Diaphanous   8. Aeriko (Thinner Than Air)
2. Persephone?   9. 360 Km
3. Stin Ameriki (In America)   10. You, The_Universe
4. Pes Mou Kati (Tell Me Something)   11. Stin Kilada Ton Tempon (Inside Tembi Valley)
5. Oi Miges Valsamonontai Me Vals (Flies)   12. Vasilias (King)
6. To Kommotriaki (The Little Hairdresser)   13. Mosharokefali (Tripe Soup)
7. Ta Paximadia (The Acheron Boatman)   14. Ampourdes (Silliness)