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Artist:Church Of Misery   Added:Feb 2010

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Recent Airplay
1. Aug 30, 2012: Catharsis
War Is Our Destiny (St. Vitus Cover)
4. Dec 08, 2010: public noize racket
Plainfield (Ed Gein)
2. Nov 22, 2011: DESTROY ORANGEASM
Room 213 (Jeffrey Dahmer)
5. Nov 24, 2010: public noize racket
Plainfield (Ed Gein)
3. Jun 04, 2011: Overkill Radio: Farewell for now, bubble!
War Is Our Destiny (St. Vitus Cover)
6. Sep 29, 2010: public noize racket
Son Of A Gun (David Berkowitz)

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-03-15
Tradtional Doom Rock & Doom Metal from Japan (though now with a member from the UK) with a fixation on serial killers. A lot of the tunes begin with samples about them or with the killers speaking. Plus, some interesting choices of cover tunes from the well known (Iron Butterfly & St. Vitus) to the obscure (Death SS & Black Widow). Sorta similar to the Obsessed, Masters of Reality (if they tune way down and doomed out more) and yes, Black Sabbath. Nuthin’ fancy – just riffs, doom, murder stories and riffs.

(((((1))))) News footage sample about Chuck Manson, big & heavy, ominous Doom riffs and soaring but warbly vocals. Makes a slight return to “Sweet Leaf” & “Paranoid”.
((((2)))) Nice & solid riff ride that nicks “Lord of this World” then “A National Acrobat”. Good vocals especially in the chorus. Very straight ahead Doom.
(((3))) Jim Jones sample, then giant bong-y riff and a few early 70’s Heavy Rawk/Doom chords turned way up. Kinda lame solo, though.
(((((4)))))) Fuckin’ Ace! Fast & good cover of the Vitus classic. One of those “doom bands play fast” things that they don’t do as much nowadays.
((((5)))) More news samples, rudimentary swampy & murky Doom Rawk & and ode to “Electric Funeral”.
(((((6)))))) Big ass riff with more swampy, wah-laden guitars. Lots of hard hitting drums & bass in the mix. Doom crossed with very Heavy Psych.
((((7))) Warbly tone, mixed words about Mr. Gein. Slow, reverberating, gets into that very typical but still good Doom mode (albeit clichéd & redundant).
(((((8))))) Fuzz & wah pedal, lo-fi “doomaged” cover with a few tricks up its sleeve. Makes it sound a LOT better than most versions.


((((1)))) More fuzz & watery bass-laden Doom/Heavy Rawk.
(((((2))))) Very heavy Psych/Doom with a nice lumbering tempo and a jazzy (!) break at 5:11-5:40.
(((3))) Sluggish but still above par murky Heavy Psych/Stoner/Doom blend.
((((4))))) Straight up 70’s style Heavy Rawk/Doom mix with the very groove ruinin’ “I Like Killin’ People…” lyric.
(((5))) Decent cover of one of the more rock-era Trouble tunes.
((((6)))) Nice cover of the early 70’s theatrical-occult rock band, Black Widow. Lots of good, bombastic chords & bass.
((((7)))) Slow & steady Doom/Heavy Rawk with weirdly tempered/tempo-ed vocals. Then again the Death SS original is fukkin’ mental but awesome.
((((8)))) More lumberin’ doom with a nice catchy chorus.

Track Listing
1. Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson)   9. Murder Company (Henry Lee Lucas)
2. Road To Ruin (Charles Whitman)   10. Son Of A Gun (David Berkowitz)
3. Reverend (Jim Jones)   11. Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)
4. War Is Our Destiny (St. Vitus Cover)   12. Sick Of Living (Zodiac)
5. Room 213 (Jeffrey Dahmer)   13. Come Touch The Sky (Trouble Cover)
6. Taste The Pain (Graham Young)   14. Accident (Black Widow Cover)
7. Plainfield (Ed Gein)   15. Chains Of Death (Death Ss Cover)
8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida   16. Retal (Howard Unruh)