Amper-O-Mat / Mechanical Funeral
Album: Mechanical Funeral   Collection:General
Artist:Amper-O-Mat   Added:Jan 2010
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Album Review
Dj Chewy
Reviewed 2012-12-02
Dj Chewy 12-1-12

Album:Mechanical Funeral.
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!

Overview: Ambience pure ambience, take shrooms or E or Acid or all three at the same time and trip out on this one. Sounds like mechanical jungle noises. If the jungle was mechanical this is what it would sound like.


1.Prologue- Nothing really there, sounds like wind. (1:26).

2.The New Reunion-Sounds like water drops and whirlwind sound effects. Very unique sound. (2:20)

3.Invisual Landscape- Ambience, ambience, and more ambience. Amazing that they made this from sequencers effect processors and keyboards. (4:37)

4.Sensorial Doom- Erie felling, feels like this one could be played while a cougar could be stalking its prey. (3:16)

5.Psy-co-Llattic Sounds like mechanical sounds you would hear in a airplane hanger or something.(4:14)

6.Oversonic Interlude- Very distant horns or something, very hard to make out. Very empty feeling, feels like it belongs in a video game(1:47)

7.Twilight Of The Cheap Robots- Extremely hallow feeling, scatting noises and ambience. Feels like your watching a T.V. show on creatures of the deep sea. (7:48)

8.Polymetallic Ocean- Sounds like a soundtrack for an extremely hot day and someone cant find water. Their crawling on the sun soaked pavement to find water.(7:34)

9.Epilogue (Cyberthrone)- Has somewhat of a beat to it. Very electronic and very stringy feeling to it. Feels very hectic and fast paced. Yet subtle and calm. (7:29)

Track Listing
1. Prologue   5. Psy-Co-Llaptic
2. The New Reunion   6. Oversonic Interlude
3. Invisual Landscape   7. Twilight Of The Cheap Robots
4. Sensorial Doom   8. Polymetallic Ocean
  9. Epologue (Cyber Throne)