Marinada / Tajni Svijet
Album: Tajni Svijet   Collection:General
Artist:Marinada   Added:Jan 2010
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Album Review
DJ Joubert
Reviewed 2011-06-23

Slow, tender, gorgeous Croatian music. Echoey acoustic guitar, very little percussiveness, lots of love. Who knew Croatians can swang some sweet sad guitar riffs, make lilting backing vocals and sing pretty little coratian phrases? An incredibly tender album, tons of love and feeling poured into it. Only guitar, backing vocals and almost-spoken phrases. It's an incredibly show of artistry and the croatian language works superb for the heartfelt morose sounds on this album. I think it's good late-night. The second half of the album becomes more active.

Try: 3, 5, 6, 8

1) *** (3:35) Rising and falling guitar arpeggios with la-la-la backing vocals for a croatian phrase sung repetatively. Very pretty music, tender and soft.
2) **** (3:27) Fall leaves floating gently into the pond. People humming warm sounds. Hopeful yet maybe some regrets? Cool croatian melodic speaking.
3) ***** (2:27) More percussive guitar plucking, falling down. Resigned to his fate, traces of burnt-out anger left.
4) *** (4:23) Summertime in the heat, nice rhythmic plucking in the lower ranges of the guitar. 2/2-time-sounding with little bells and percussive pointed singing.
5) ***** (4:09) Rhythmic shaker gives percussion for guitar exploring wider tonal range than previous tracks. Nice harmonizing of layered vocals.
6) ***** (3:57) Loping cowboy tune. Some actual strumming, and not morose! (Wow!). Imagine you're riding a camel or something. Then pavarotti comes on your radio.
7) *** (2:28) Total departure! Is that an electric guitar strumming away? Then the humming starts all sad again.
8) **** (3:33). Almost hawaiian sounding. pa-pa-pappa-pa layered vocals with playful, lilting vocals.
9) ** (2:44) Fairly simple picking with resigned vocals. Nothing overly interesting, sounds similar to first couple of tracks, but nice layering
10) (2:10) Ooh, hidden track! Fun delayed guitar sounds, even a bit of drive here and there. Slightly more upbeat than the rest of the album.

Track Listing
1. Sunce   5. Palcevi
2. Djeca Svijeta   6. Zaljev
3. Tajni Svijet   7. Vjetrovka
4. Otvorena Usta   8. Autoreklama
  9. Mmm