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Album: U Forgot About Us   Collection:Reggae
Artist:Audiopharmacy   Added:Jan 2010

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2010-06-11
Interesting mashup of Reggae and West Coast alternative Hip Hop, from SF. On the whole, very mellow and relaxed. Various vocalists, mostly hip hop but in a few different styles.
I didn’t hear any FCCs. I like 3, 16, and esp. 18-19.
1. 3:47 *random beats and snippets of vocals, very mellow vibe. Forms gradually into mellow West Coast alternative hip hop. Political diatribe lyrics.
2. 3:33 ***slithery downtempo skank, relaxed and groovy. Instrumental for first couple of minutes, then hop hop diatribe.
3. 2:56 ****slinky downtempo skank with prominent bass and scratcher, relaxed baritone harmonies – very pretty.
4. 3:24 **relaxed electronic skank w/vocals.
5. 2:08 **upbeat midtempo dubby skank, instrumental.
6. 3:28 ***downtempo relaxed West Coast alternative hip hop with one-drop. Rather exotic music – pleasant.
7. 3:52 **upbeat midtempo skank with pretty guitar and nice drum work. Instrumental for first minute, then spoken word and scratching. Bit of backmasking goes into start of next track.
8. 3:38 ***bouncy midtempo hip hop with a funky beat and odd backmasking. Hip hop vocals and off-key chorus.
9. 4:47 **cool downbeat drums and scratcher, almost a hint of Latin funk.
10. 3:52 ***fretless bass and plinky guitar, a bit jazzy, mellow and downbeat. Female vocals. Builds into very dubby skank.
11. 3:47 **plinky guitar, rather anguished Jamaican dancehall vocals. Involves someone playing wine glass rims.
12. 2:13 **post-apocalyptic circus march – both jaunty and melancholy, somehow. Female dancehall vocals – quite possibly the best vocals on the record.
13. 1:37 ***jazzy boppy bouncy instrumental something.
14. 3:38 *kinda mellow and jazzy – not sure what you’d describe this as. Pretty baritone vocals.
15. 1:13 **rather funky hip hop scratching and repeated vocal snip. Turns into downtempo one-drop and goes into next track.
16. 4:11 ****downtempo skank with bit of melodica and flute. Simple and rather trancey but with interesting elements marching in and out.
17. 2:01 *jazzy flute and bits of bass, slightly processed spoken word, not much beat to speak of.
18. 2:14 *****random and downbeat intro, turns suddenly into forceful downtempo skank with hip hop vocals. Best track by far.
19. 3:13 ****midtempo roots skank, positivity vocals. Very sudden ending.
20. 2:58 kinda downbeat jazzy feel, phone ringing and spoken word –weird. Last for about 45 seconds, then there’s about 10 seconds silence, then mellow jazzy thing with nice drums and creepy female spoken thing.

Track Listing
1. Remember Us   11. Soljahr Out Deh
2. Bleedin   12. Beleavin
3. Never Follow   13. Meditation Ii
4. Arisen   14. Destination
5. Meditation I   15. Meditation Iii
6. Mama   16. Meditation Iv
7. Honward   17. Timeless
8. Savin My Life   18. Self Expression
9. Sunshine   19. Passenger
10. Eyesoftomorr   20. Tha Click...