Heroes Of Popular Wars / Church & Mcdonald
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Artist:Heroes Of Popular Wars   Added:Dec 2009

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-12-01
I can’t very well call this emo electronica too. I mean, there’s some psych in there. Some flirty-experimental instrumental. You can hear the beginnings of “just another alternapunk band” in the radio-friendly hooks and vox (Eve 6... in another life...), but give the tracks more than three minutes and it’s clear these guys just decided the hell with it. This record is over a year old, but I’m saving it from the pitch bin, god help me. I can’t believe you lamers let it sit on the shelf all year. I can’t believe I didn’t rescue it months ago.

Think: Jimmy Eat World’s high school demo tape redone over forbidding dark synth and some Wilco-inspired feedback loops. Add: Sunshine’s drums.

try: 3, 6, 7
no FCCs

1. sitar, warbling, a cool washy loop, chanting. easy guitar with song-like chords, but the rest of the “song” isn’t there. slight tribal feel.
2. fades in. odd rollicky beat. bashy, mid-fast, fun, smart. funky jungle drum kit. could be an older better matchbox 20. ends with distortion. fade out.
*3. a chiller. downcycling melodic haunt. minor keys, hollow drums, synth, sparse coarse vox: “white girls, white boys.” hypnotic. unexciting chorus, but the rest of the track makes up for it. swells (cue the bashy drums) at the end. ends abruptly with a cigarette ad.
4. ~2 sec to start. midtempo, yet tempo-less. upfront drum kit, loud & noisy ambient electric. bulbous sound. midway, idles on a video game warble, then ends with bashy aggressive electric-guitar instrumental... actually reminiscent of matthew good band. NO SOUND from 30 seconds to end.
5. song-fragmenty. ambient bellsy sharp noise undercuts (distracts, really) slow strummed acoustic. (un?)intentionally cheesy lyrics and pop-country delivery. ends with ocean noise.
*6. dark. bouncy/spacey synth and scattershot drums. repeated cartoon sample of “eureka!” moves into hyno-keys and minor swirl. heavy chorus chords. slashy drums.
*7. loud, bloopy, funky, faaat bass. the fuck, is this love & rockets? slithery glammy sexy reachy chorus. damn, this is interesting. ends with screeching and scalding noise, and then an abrupt spoken line. i’m so glad these guys are not eve 6.
8. noisy clang/clack percussion. beat-based found sounds plus choral vox plus keys. gets into a repeated-loop groove. early fade.

Track Listing
1. Church   5. It's A Doozy
2. A Bus Called Further   6. She's A Microscope
3. American Loser   7. That Shaking Sound
4. Rape Her   8. Mcdonald