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Album Review
Phil Cooper
Reviewed 2010-06-19
defender - defender

this is downtempo-ish, the vocals are a spectrum from chill to happy to melancholy, in the spirit of royksopp or jj. like the aforementioned, it is downtempo but would work well sampled and layered on a more groovy beat. the sensibility is bliss, but less happy than what you'd generally think of as "bliss".


**1- 0:39 happy, upbeat, and chill. synth sounds and sampled, distorted vocals
*2- 5:02 downtempo, with eerie synth sounds and distorted, ethereal male and female vocals harmonizing. for the moody person who wants to pass out.
3- 3:40 instrumental, synth keyboard and effects. minimal hip-hop beat, recurrent metallic vibrating/buzzing.
**4- 4:41 epic sound, 80s synth keyboards. march/military sensibility that transitions at the end to a more euphoric
**5- 4:33 8 bit video game feel. synth notes with spacey effects. at 3:40 it suddenly gets very minimal.
***6- 4:43 this is more groovy/electro. more pop-like structure with fully fleshed out falsetto vocals and what sounds like a prince sample. starting at 2:40, transitions into minimal beat with kind of neat rap and falsetto electro-style chorus.
***7- 4:18 downtempo. dark, funky nintendo-ish beat w/sampled vocoder in background.
***8- 4:52 basic, minimal beat with synth keys that are alternately happy, chill, or eerie and melancholy. distorted male falsetto vocal sample in places.
**9- 3:53 beat is heavier and more complex, but still downtempo. distorted industrial-ish male vocals "you lost the game". i suppose someone on opium might like this.
**10- 8:04 neat tech effects, minimal beat w/ march sensibility in places. keys are mostly happy when they come on. beat disappears entirely from time to time. epic structure. male vox are unintelligible but at least not totally depressing like #9.
***11- 4:42 still downtempo, but happy. keys are mostly light and relaxing. minimal hip-hop/lounge beat that disappears in places. you guessed it- unintelligible male vox.

reviewed by phil c. aka tony echo

Track Listing
1. Waking Machines   6. One More Night
2. Everytime I Fall   7. Danger On The Bridge
3. To Build An Army   8. Bleed
4. The Last Memory Of Man   9. Last Swim
5. Sinking To The Sea   10. Dissecting Doppler
  11. Halo