Kodagain / A Drink With Something In It
Album: A Drink With Something In It   Collection:General
Artist:Kodagain   Added:Nov 2009
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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1. May 15, 2010: Music Casserole
Aunt Helen
2. May 11, 2010: Scram!
How Doth A Little Crocodile

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-05-25
Kodagain / A Drink With Something In It
Light psychedelic melodic folk-ish music with crooning male singer. Unusual sound with layers of reverb, primitive drum machine, and weird sound effects matched with more conventional acoustic guitar picking. Latest album from Serbian group formed in 1985.
FCC clean. Recommend 3 and 17.
1. Starts off with unusual big electric drums, then overlaid with breezy guitars. Cute lyrics and mock-passionate background vocals.
2. Slower, atmospheric, dramatic. Echoey synth, no drums.
3. * Distortion on vocals, head-bobbing rock beat, loads of reverb, good melody.
4. High-pitched altered vocals, weird echoey synths, simple bouncy on-the-beat rhythm, paranoid atmosphere, reminds me of the Residents.
5. Laid-back folk-rock-ish sound with some weird sound effects.
6. Light and fluttery, simple melody and guitar strumming with some unusual drum patterns and guitar effects.
7. Breezy verses, muscular choruses.
8. Irregular meter; chiming echoey guitars and background vocals make anthemic but weirdly remote-sounding chorus
9. Layers of synth atmospherics behind simple guitar strumming, low singing
10. Layers of guitars make an enveloping sound
11. Jazzy feel plus quiet, shimmering, sloppy guitars.
12. Quieter, warm & fuzzy sound, echoey vocals, few drums.
13. Chirpy synthesized drums with choppy rhythm.
14. Quiet, mostly just guitars, voice, and reverb.
15. Quiet, pretty guitar picking plus some synths
16. Syncopated drum machine pattern making noises off the beat, over quiet minor-key guitar.
17. * Partly dissonant, interesting chords. Pretty chorus strengthened by drony synths. Very weird feel.
18. Slightly closer to a conventional indie-pop song, except for the weird synths. Simple repetitive melody and chords.
19. Forceful fast 7/8 rhythm. Interesting setting of familiar song lyrics.
20. Nice little melody.
21. Unusual percussive sound with fast electric drums high in the mix, plus boingy guitar. Catchy tune.
22. Twangy bluesy guitar sound, simple nursery rhyme melody.
23. Harder rocking with funky bass, noisy electric guitar, dissonant chorus.
24. Anthemic with thundery drums and hard-charging acoustic guitars.
25. Laid-back, quiet drums, elegant melody.
26. Simple melody, lots of chimey guitars.

--Mason Smith

Track Listing
1. A Drink With Something In It   14. I Don't Know Why
2. Vampira   15. If Those Dark Eyes
3. Aunt Helen   16. My Fairy
4. Aw Com'on   17. At The Lake Pavilion
5. Danse Russe   18. Better Than A Dream
6. Carson Mccullers   19. California Dreaming
7. Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves   20. Family Court
8. I Cannot Sleep   21. Grand Hotel
9. My Fancy   22. How Doth A Little Crocodile
10. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You   23. Tutti Frutti
11. Silence   24. La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente
12. Anything That's Part Of You   25. The Thing By William Carlos
13. To A Poor Old Woman   26. Silent Night