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Artist:Plaskett, Joel   Added:Oct 2009
Label:Songs For The Gang  

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Deny, Deny, Deny
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Every Time You Leave
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You Let Me Down

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2011-05-10
On the border between pop and alt-country. Interesting mix, really can’t fit it squarely in either pigeonhole. M vocal with F backups that work well together. Loosely around concepts of travelling, and “threes”. Mostly recorded in Nova Scotia, Canada, though one track recorded in Nashville and it was all mixed in Texas!
Disc 1
+1. Drum machine, warm twangy guitar, mid-fast. Moves along nicely. M vocal with F backing, a little horns in the chorus.
2. A little jaunty but the beat plods. Decent lyrics, M+F harmonies.
+3.Mid tempo. Pop, less country in this one. Lost love without bitterness
+4. Mid tempo folk-pop intro, then the country twinge. Acoustic guitar & fiddle, drums & electric guitar start in the 2nd verse.
+5. ¾ time, lazy tempo. Hint of New Orleans blues and Nilsson mixed in the country twang (don’t get too excited, just a hint). “Wait a minute before you leave, there’ll be some changes baby… let me love you one more time…”
6.More rock, somewhat theatrical vocal delivery, simple piano playing. Repetitive music. Lyrics about being a drifter.
7.Intro is ”pizzicato” guitar and synth whoosh with quiet singing. Goodbye pop, “gone, gone, gone”
8.upbeat pop. Simple looped rhythm & simply riffed guitar. “Wish you were here but you’re not… CDs for sale here at the back of the hall…”. Kinda surprising how it goes for 7 mins since there’s about 2 minutes worth of pop here, but there is a story being told.
+9. Crisp mid-slow rhythm, lone rock. Good alt-country & rock. “You get crushed from a diamond to dirt road dust”. Last 2 mins get more twangy and sounds like a different song.
Disc 2
1.Slow, kinda plodding, though I like the chorus briefly singing “Safe in your arms” in a high register
+2.Folk acoustic guitar, gentle M singing about emigrating to Australia, being alone. Then fiddle, piano, and at the very end, a little pennywhistle. (booklet says bouzouki too but I don’t hear it!)
3. Celtic intro, mid-tempo minor key sad rock.
+4.Slow acoustic guitar arpeggios, then the alt-country picking. Interesting interplay. Reserved. “Hearless, where’d you hide your heart.”
+5.mid-slow pretty, sad pop.
6. Midtempo, strumming and twang, tired.
7.Pretty acousting playing reminiscing of schooldays, growing up, but musically uninteresting. mid-slow
8. Mid-tempo singer/songwriter fare. “Love they never gave me”. Flute/whistles remind me of some 70’s Paul Simon.
+9.Plucked guitar in a banjo-like style & M vocal unplugged. Easy tempo, folk singer/songwriter.
Disc 3. Sunnier than previous two discs.
+1/2. Starts off as a mid-tempo, upbeat coy pop song, mildly critiquing, ends alt-country. I put these together because they are basically the same song in two parts.
+3.Fun fiddle/F backing vocal intro & highlights, celtic-alt-county crossover, mid-fast
4.Mid-tempo singer-songwriter fare with a full band. OK but not memorable
5.mid-slow country. Sounds like my parents AOR radio.
+6.Nice slow acoustic guitar, interesting a-capella chant in the bridge. 2nd half of song is full band alt-country.
7.Acoustic guitar & high-pitched M voice singing, full band joins, mid-slow, lazy, but uninteresting. has bluegrass banjo, toe-tapping
9.FCC: “shit” Epic length. F vocals join M as a lead in the intro but doesn’t last. Music changes a couple time, story interesting, being like your parents, exes, reflections, etc, then a jam session, ode to a party.

Track Listing
1. Every Time You Leave   14. In The Blue Moonlight
2. Through & Through & Through   15. Down, Down, Down
3. You Let Me Down   16. Beyond, Beyond, Beyond
4. Pine, Pine, Pine   17. Demons
5. Wait, Wait, Wait   18. New Scotland Blues
6. Drifters Raus   19. Rewind, Rewind, Rewind
7. Gone, Gone, Gone   20. Precious, Precious, Precious
8. Wishful Thinking   21. Deny, Deny, Deny
9. Run, Run, Run   22. One Look
10. Safe In Your Arms   23. Our Place In The Sun
11. Shine On, Shine On, Shine On   24. Lazy Bones
12. Sailors Eyes   25. All The Way Down The Line
13. Heartless, Heartless, Heartless   26. Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'
  27. On & On & On