Alarm Will Sound / A/Rhythmia
Album: A/Rhythmia   Collection:General
Artist:Alarm Will Sound   Added:Oct 2009
Label:Nonesuch Records  

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Yo Shakespeare, Jitterbug Mecanique From "Animals And The Origins Of Dance"
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Album Review
Alex Sehrer
Reviewed 2009-11-01
Alarm Will Sound
Album: A/rhythmia (or Arrhythmia)
Review by: Alex Sehrer
Genre/Style: Classical-Jazz-Experimental

Plenty of sharp, jarring violin (a la Psycho) and staccato keyboard from this collection of unsteady, irregular,
and whimsical songs that span 6 centuries. The goal of the orchestral group is to play peculiar music that
reminds us of day-to-day sounds that normally clash but sometimes come together in playful, rhythmic ways.

1. Jitterbug Mecanique from Animals & the Origins of Dance, 1992. By Benedict Mason. (1:41)
Fast tempo. Disjointed, free-form circus parade jazz. High-pitched violins & flute. Starts/stops suddenly.
2. Yo Shakespeare, 1992. By Michael Gordon. (11:23)
Lots of violin repetition & low, dirty tuba. Dark circus feel. Slows ~3:30. Nightmarish guitar/bass/tuba
with flute/string staccato. Extreme volume variation. Ends suddenly.
3. Camouflages des Agrements from Animals & the Origins of Dance, 1992. By Benedict Mason. (1:41)
Begins majestically. ~1 min kicks in chimes, horns, drums. Chaotic, sudden ending.
4. Movimento preciso e Meccanico from Chamber Concerto, 1969-70. By Gyorgy Ligeti. (3:59)
Heavy on sharp violin/high keyboard notes. Ominous & repetitious. Staccato from strings. Knocking/
hammering sound effects at end.
5.** Dessert Search for Techno Baklava, 2002. By Mochipet (arrangement, Stefan Freund). (3:00)**
Fast-paced Greek/Turkish celebratory sound with strings, horns & clapping. Light gutteral vocal effects.
Closes with hard-rock style drum solo and ends suddenly.
6. Le Ray Au Soleyl, late 14th century. By Johannes Ciconia (arrangement, Gavin Chuck). (2:55)
Solo singing in French for first ~30 secs. Violins/cello kick in. Slow with melodic instruments. Multiple
singing voices ~1:30 that clash together. Ends on fast drum & violin swell.
7. Highland Balls & Village Halls from Animals & the Origins of Dance, 1992. By Benedict Mason. (1:41)
Like an orchestra tuning their instruments loudly & quickly. Fighting for sound and melody. Ends suddenly.
8. Study #6 for Player Piano, 1950. By Conlon Nancarrow (arrangement, Yvar Mikhashoff). (3:51)
Repetitive keyboard with upbeat winded instruments/violin doing many scales. Feels almost instructional,
with a sudden end.
9. Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum, 1978. By Harrison Birtwistle. (9:08)
Jazzy start with bass & horns. Old spy movie sound. Menacing narratives from violin. Quiet dips followed
by sudden, sharp, grating violin. Ends with lots of bass--dark.
10. Degringolade des Pingouins from Animals & the Origins of Dance, 1992. By Benedict Mason. (1:45)
Lots of volume variation. Soft string plucking followed by string grinding. Silence followed by chaos. Plenty
of instrumental sighs. Fast tempo.
11. Agnus Dei II from Missa L'homme arme super voces musicales, late 15th century. By Josquinn des
Prez (arrangement, Payton MacDonald). (1:57)
Slow, smooth cello meets repetitive, high pitched violin ~:50. Ends with jarring violin.
12. Cfern, 2001. By Autechre (arrangement, Dennis DeSantis). (5:52)
Drums keep rhythm then fall in and out of loose experimentation. Slight hint of female vocals used like an
instrument. Periodic sharp violin. ~3:30 sound effects of spinning tops & clownish bells. Sleepy horns with
sudden ending.
13. Disgraceful Bossanova with Lemurs from Animals & the Origins of Dance, 1992. By Benedict Mason. (1:39)
Horn, flute, violin fighting for melody. Swell together in poppy, upbeat experiments in plucking with fast, brassy
14.**Study #3A for Player Piano, 1948. By Conlon Nancarrow (arrangement, Derek Bermel). (5:39)**
Swing piano with danceable rhythms from strings. Jazzy horns join in. Traditional swing meets improv jazz.
Heavy bass ~5:20 just before sudden ending.

Track Listing
1. Jitterbug Mecanique From "Animals And The Origins Of Dance"   8. Study No. 6 For Player Piano
2. Yo Shakespeare   9. Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum
3. Camouflages Des Agrements From "Animals..."   10. Degringolade Des Pingouins From "Animals..."
4. Movimento Preciso E Meccanico From "Chamber Concerto"   11. Angus Dei Ii From "Missa L'homme Arme Super Voces Musicales"
5. Dessert Search For Techno Baklava   12. Cfern
6. Le Ray Au Soleyl   13. Disgraceful Bossanova With Lemurs From "Animals..."
7. Highland Balls And Vintage Halls From "Animals..."   14. Study No. 3a For Player Piano