Bird Names / Sings The Browns
Album: Sings The Browns   Collection:General
Artist:Bird Names   Added:Sep 2009
Label:Upset! The Rhythm  

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Nature's Over
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Defined Stijls
2. Jan 06, 2010: Winter Ball w/ Special Guest Baku
Defined Stijls
5. Dec 23, 2009: tremendous orangeasm
Nature's Over
3. Jan 05, 2010: The Orphanage
Live Longer Than We Want To
6. Dec 10, 2009: orangeasm: massage ginny
Defined Stijls

Album Review
Reviewed 2009-11-10
the best pop album of the decade. genius sense of vocal melody. a perfect circus of honky tonk struttin' guitars with dreamy lulls and a bed of instruments pulling in 4 directions at once but going to the same place. super inventive kaliedoscopic song structures , off kilter but inviting. this band has a melodic sense of genius, which is reflected in the vocal harmonies. weirdo pop album of the year for sure. everything is a surprise. pieces together the best moments of dream pop, honky tonk , western, freak folk, & hypnagogic pop. a brilliant work, and totally it's own thing. play each and every track at least thrice. wowowowowowowow. 11 stars out of 4. get this to number one for a year.

fcc clean-brick
1- buzzing kaliedoscopic pop masterpiece. swelling group vocal moans, funky pulse, fake i shot the sherrif guitars

2- jangling pumpy honky tonky wierdo strut w/ clip clop percussion & beautifully strange vocal harmonies

3-warbly western faux la tengo with half a brain missing and a twizzler up their nose jam

4-crunchier tambourine noisier off key wierdo jam, entitled scandinavia and a definite nod to fonal and finnish freak folk

5-swelling keyboard pop metallic, tinny clanks w/ a easy flute and delightful high scratches and high places style vox

6-narcotic dream trance twinkly cradle fantasy waltz pop w/ soaring brass. oh beautiful.

7-straightforward folky love song

8-swollen organ and clippity clop percussion

9-pulsing big bass swing your gal around poprock retro thriller

10-oomp-pa pa circus style with rising and falling vocals

11-60s summertime pop style vocals, xylophones, contrasted w/crunching guitars, beautiful.

12- wild dissonant organ intro gives way to beautiful chug ug a lug, with swirls, and a knee stompin rocker hidden somewhere

13-clunky 40 second intro unexplectedly turns into the most beautiful

Track Listing
1. Nature's Over   7. I Had A Girl
2. Live Longer Than We Want To   8. Days Elevated
3. Defined Stijls   9. People Should Get More Aware
4. Scandanaivia   10. Production
5. Natural Weeds   11. She Works In A Store
6. Oh, Narcotopic Fantasy   12. Garbage Barge
  13. Taxicabs And Bicycles