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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2009

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Methods Of Madness
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-10-09
Awesome collection of all Portland bands playing Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Psych, Grindcore, Punk, Noise and so on. This comp was put together by the folks from Cull who we’ve had in A-file recently & a few of their related bands (Order of the Gash, Slam Dunk With Authority! & Anon Remora).

(((((((1)))))) KILLER, Death/Doom downtuned despondency.
(((((2)))) Starts a bit proggy then builds up into a nice riffy, speedy mix of bassy near black metal & hammering instrumental thrash.
((((3)))) Super noisy, distorted all to hell but also fast and manic. Made by and for weirdos.
((((4)))) Bassy, murky, rockin’, lo-fi noise rock ‘ala 16 & a sorta up tempo Eyehategod. Harsh female vocals.
((((((5)))))) Thick riffing, cymbal heavy, rabid power-violence with some really wild changes without being super obvious.
((((6)))) Strange bass/vocals thing with occasional drum blasts, feedback and paranoid vocals. Could be a future Brownian Motion special.
(((7))) Warbling feedback noise, actually pretty good since it changes form instead of just putting a aural knife in your ear.
(((8))) Resonating big guitar strums & drones.
((((9)))) Fish tank pump drone then becomes a really doozy of a heavy doom rocker. Shouted “WTF’s he saying” vocals. Like an unholy version of (early) Melvins.
((((((((((10)))))))) Mellow intro then VERY heavy doom & riffage, shouted but fairly understandable female vocals. Lunging bass & just totally infectious!
((((((((11))))))))) Whoa! Total trippy, heavy psych jams with hazy female vocals. Goes great with Bardo Pond.
((((12)))) Bassy, clangy, blasting “progger violence” with screamy vocals. Rather short.
(((13))) Strange fuzzy noise sheets with squirrels and muskrats blitzed on peyote.
(((((14))))) Oh my Bleeeearrrrrrggggghhhh! (Hella short blast)
(((((((15))))))) Epic Black/Death Metal with tons of catchy parts that don’t come off forced or lame. Faster & more jagged in the middle. Not far from (very) early Agalloch or Fall of the Bastards.
((((16)))) Airy, dark noise /drone that gets proceeding louder. Eerie stuff, would make for a good sound bed to read Lovecraft to.
((((17)))) Slow, odd bass, downtrodden 90’s rawk like Jesus Lizard or a druggy Fugazi (?) with crazy screamy to woozy vocals.
(((((18))))) Slow, indie-type intro goes into a riffy metalish tune with “shouting into the distance” vocals. Some jagged near prog parts then back to the heavy stuff & back again.
(((((19))))) Wild, “math-rawk” with plenty of hammer ons/pull offs & other tricks with that don’t sound like Guitar Center doofus.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Moths To The Flame Methods Of Madness
2. Order Of The Gash Obsessive Repulsive
3. Tear It Off Cysts, The
4. Transient Deeds For The Master
5. Slam Dunk (With Authority!) Tweak And Ye Shall Grind
6. ...Worms Woodfire
7. With Caro Highway Ghost
8. Bird Costumes In The Time That It Takes
9. Rabbits Lungs
10. Cull Eastern Island
11. Purple Rhinestone Eagle Earth To Temper The Fire
12. Gone To Croatan Ugly Winter
13. Sheets Gambr'tsev
14. City Of Churches 39
15. Book Of Belial Altar
16. Acre Born Of Light
17. Rapids Grunge Tempo
18. Anon Remora Internal Alchemy
19. Under Mountains Acid Pond