Phenomenal Handclap Band, The / Phenomenal Handclap Band, The
Album: Phenomenal Handclap Band, The   Collection:General
Artist:Phenomenal Handclap Band, The   Added:Jul 2009
Label:Friendly Fire Recordings  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2009-10-20
Funky! Cheesy dancey retro-styled indie rock with ironic hints of blues, funk, flower psych, soul, disco... so bad it’s good stuff. Think: 70s club night. At times, evocative of... dare I say it... the Scissor Sisters. What the hell? Blondie? The Bee-Gees? Cake? Stevie Wonder? Queen? Are you supposed to take these guys seriously? Does it matter? Get out your plastic sunglasses and get your shimmy on.

try: 6, 3, 1, 9
FCC clean

*1. disco. kicks off like a downtempo pink floyd song and promptly gets funky. way to rock the moog, guys. no vocals.
2. fast. male vox. insistent, repeated single-note 70s synth + tight hi-hat. big bass. bleeds into next track, but can fade at :20 to end.
*3. soft/slow opener. vocals somewhere between MGMT and pulp. chill, laid back beat. electric fills, great organ-effect keys-as-percussion sound. at end, appears to sample (i think it’s just the riff) salt n pepa’s “whatta man”. wow.
4. a genre-mixer. high female/falsetto vocals and low bluesy/soul male vocals. the lead riff almost apes smoke on the water. FADE OUT :45 to end.
5. cheesy, thumpin laser/space-effect disco/electro and high femme vocals. oh right, i already mentioned the scissor sisters. somewhat repetitive, but.
*6. yeah, that’s lady tigra. soft start (till :06). jumprope rap over a chill backbeat. groovy!
7. sassy strutty glam funk. any track with awooga effects has my vote. fade out ~40 seconds to end, unless you like the sound effect of something burning.
8. chill bongo beat + high funk keys + solo electric. repetitive, pop/melodic vocal line.
*9. boomy bass + deep drums = kinda grandiose start, then lays into classic rock riff + falsetto vocals + backing ‘ah’s. acid? definitely involved. early fade around :40 or play to end for an acapella outro.
10. dirty groove, almost alt-country washboard-band sound. soul-punch female vocals. solo flute, banjo, violin (?), road movie drums.
11. laid back soul. big staccato plodder brass. airy r&b falsetto. trills and blats.
12. minor and discordant. clonker piano and doomscape video game keys. jagged descending runs a la rush... then harpsichord (?) and poppier pink floyd vocals. groovy still, but not too fast. a nice long proggy exercise. can fade out after :30, or let it run. noise abruptly stops at :08 to end.

Track Listing
1. The Journey To Serra Da Estrela   7. Dim The Lights
2. All Of The Above   8. I Been Born Again
3. Testimony   9. The Martyr
4. Give It A Rest   10. Tears
5. You'll Disappear   11. Baby
6. 15 To 20   12. The Circle Is Broken